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The Power of Being Part of a Banner Program


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We too are a TECH-NET shop. And I agree; CARQUEST has proven to be a leader in auto parts business. Their reps are great people and they genuinely want to help us. TECH-NET has great elements to their program: Auto Net TV, Nation-Wide warranty program, marketing material, posters, consumer handouts and much more. Shops need to be affiliated with a group; TECH-NET is the group I recommend.

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We are a TECH NET shop. When we first put up the logos, stripes and banners there was some questions from customers. We explained what TECH NET was and how being part of a large affiliation will benefit the customer. Also, because we use CARQUEST parts this gives us national awareness and coast-to-coast nation wide warranty. When explained correctly, consumer confidence improves.

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This is an older topic but it's interesting to follow these programs and see where they are. The Tech-Net program has realy evolved...http://www.techauto.com/




Perhaps the biggest benifit are the marketing programs. Most shop do not have the time to prepare seasonal marketing programs, or even know where to start. TECH NET offers year-round programs that helps build customer retention and consumer confidence.

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I've decided I want to join a banner program, but I'm having a difficult time deciding which one. 

My shop is in Tucson Arizona. We (Tucson) are kind of unique in that the parts supplier in town who is usually going to have the part available and reasonably priced is a locally owned franchise called Merles. (not a national chain)

They've been around a long time and have market saturation locally that the big boys have always envied. 

They were recently (within last 2-3 years) purchased by the same conglomerate that owns NAPA, which extends their buying power even further. 

They give excellent service and pricing, and when our shop was brand new and had no established credit they gave us NET 10th credit terms immediately when everyone else (First Call, Factory Motor Parts, Autozone, Worldpac etc...) wanted us to either pay cash to get established, or guarantee it against mine and my business partner's personal credit. 

They have a program called Auto Service Experts (I'm not sure if this was a banner program they've always been affiliated with or if it came in with their affiliation with NAPA)

However, Advanced Auto Parts recently moved into Tucson and they are wanting our business. They are very competitively priced.  They (along with Carquest and Worldpac) are part of the Tech-Net program.

The one advantage Tech-Net appears to have over Auto Service Experts is their labor claims. (Auto Service Experts limits you to 3 hours at $75/hour and a limited number of claims each calendar year)

Tech-Net current labor reimbursement on labor claims is also $75/hour but they don't have limitations on how many hours per claim (based solely on labor manual flat rate time) or how many claims per year....which could be huge if you get a bad part on a high labor job like an oil pump. 

However, in order for my customers to be covered on the 36/36 warranty and for me to get the labor claims all parts would have to come from them (Advanced, CarQuest or Worldpac).

Merles has been good to me and I value that business relationship. I'm not ready to stop buying from them. However, the tech-net program offered by Advanced Auto Parts appears to be a better overall program than what they offer.

My local Advanced Auto Parts branch has given me excellent customer service so far, and is willing to price match. However, they don't always have the part available same day and rather than wait a day for them to bring it down from Phoenix I'd rather just purchase the part from Merles.

I saw in a different thread someone talking about Certified Auto Repair banner program offered through First Call. It claimed that the nationwide warranty is good no matter where you buy your parts because it's offered through Certified Auto Repair, not by Firstcall. However, that is a very old post and I'm not sure that information is still valid. Everything I've read on the program that is current seems to suggest you are expected to buy your parts from FirstCall. 

One option is to join both banner programs and then continue buying my parts on a case by case basis from either Merles or Advanced whichever has the part available immediately at the best price (which is what I'm currently doing)

However, I'm not sure I can justify the cost of both programs annually for the overall benefits. 

Another option is to go ahead and join Tech-Net because it's the better program, and roll the dice on Advance Auto Parts eventually being able to offer me the same level of service that Merles has offered me in the past.

The final option is to join the Auto Service Experts program that Merles offers.  I'm not really happy with the severe limitations on their labor claims, but in every other way the program is competitive with Tech-Net.

Obviously, this is a decision my business partner and I will have to make, and I'm not asking anyone to tell me what I should do.

However, if there are other options I'm not aware of (like a true banner program that covers you no matter where you buy your parts) or if anyone has any other input or information on the two programs I'm discussing that I may not be aware of, I'd deeply appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. 


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Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

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