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  1. Cummings


  2. Hey Joe, how was your day off? Hopefully you relaxed alittle...

  3. Great points. But do you agree that advertising needs to be consistent and continual? Coke and Pepsi know that people won’t jump off the couch and run down to the deli to buy a soda every time they see an ad on TV. But what they do know is that the constant bombardment of branding pays off over time.
  4. You hit the nail on the head. Great expression of what many of us think. Do you see young people with changing values? Do they value their time and life more?
  5. I just downloaded some of the AutoShopOwner forms and think they are great. I urge all to check them out. I hope you continue to add to these. What about a shop equipment and safety walk-around checklist? Just a thought.
  6. We are a TECH-NET facility and have been for years. We like what CARQUEST has to offer and feel that CARQUEST is a company dedicated to the success of the auto service business. TECH-NET has great marketing programs and is constantly improving the program.
  7. My experience has taught me to pull the trigger early. You will know the difference between an employee who has potential and one that is hopeless. Not pulling the trigger early is not fair to you or to the rest of the team.

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