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How will President Obama affect Business?

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Will the election of President Obama have a positive or negative affect on business?


I don't think he knows...nor does anyone else.


In a way it's an unfair question since the mess is massive and unfixable. It took decades to create it and it can't be put together now. It has to crash, and it will (what we have seen so far is not the big crash...instead this is just the pre game show).


The question is really how bad and how soon. Will it be bad or horribly bad? Odds are that he will make it far worse by repeating the same policies, just at a more intense level, that have taken us to where we are.


Massive spending, borrowing and printing of money at a rate never seen before. The dollar will eventually crash and extreme inflation will follow.


Shops will be increasing prices frequently, possibly daily. This is going to be a wild ride.

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People say Obama has leadership quailities that can ignite the ecomomy. Is this a factor in our recovery? Or are we too far down the slippery slope?


I think he can affect things, so he is a factor to a point.


But, no one can fix the mess due to its depth and size. It will need to crash first, then it can be rebuilt. The window for fixing it has long since passed.

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I think he can affect things, so he is a factor to a point.


But, no one can fix the mess due to its depth and size. It will need to crash first, then it can be rebuilt. The window for fixing it has long since passed.



The president is only as good as the people that he surrounds himself with. Take a look at the past few days and the coming days for appointments. The market rallied after finding out news of who is going to be a part of his administration.


This mess is too big for one man to fix. The problem was created in years and they want to fix it in a month.


It's like an old lady who goes to a cosmetics counter to get some wrinkle cream, and finds out that the wrinkles are still there. Well...she worked many years to get to those wrinkles, I don't think a little cream will make them disappear...same with this bailout bologna!

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I agree with on exception. The majority of hard working people who have seen there 401k dissappear really had nothing to do with this mess on wall street or in Washington. The people with power have done a really bad job! Now WE, the hard working people will have to clean up the mess with our tax dollars. It's not fair!

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You make a valid point. But I think it goes beyond that. The hard working people of this country did not get us into this mess. I think we need to look at our trusted elected oficials, finacial advisors and big bussiness leaders. While we were hard at working, earning a living the old fashion way, these people made bad decesions out of greed and power and destroyed our finacial system.


Glad to see you still have 2 cents, EASAUTO!!!!!


I'm not sure if I still do!!!

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