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Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

CARQUEST Technical Institute


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CARQUEST Technical Institute has grown nationwide, and they are offering all levels of training to their customers.


Does anyone currently training with them?


Website: http://www.carquest.com/proCTI.html

Course Catalog: http://www.carquest.com/common/downloads/CTI_Catalog.pdf

Course Schedule: http://www.carquest.com/proCTIclassSchedule.html


Instructor-Led Technical Training


CTI is the automotive industry's leading technician training program offering both season ticket packages and stand alone courses. For more information view the CTI Course Catalog and Class Schedule or visit your CARQUEST Sales Representative at your local CARQUEST Auto Parts Store.


Online Technical Training


CTI is pleased to offer CARQUEST customers acces to our online technical training programs. Three distinct programs are available including CTI Technical e-Courses, CTI ASE Test Prep Courses and CTI Technician Assessments. Simply visit the CTI Online University to register.


Business Solutions


CTI Business Solutions is the business management training arm of CTI. It offers independent repair facility owners, managers and service consultants the most comprehensive, up-to-date management techniques available in today’s repair industry.

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