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2018 Subaru TPMS programming

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Customer brings in his WRX wanting us to install his new tires, custom rims, and outfit with sensors. Ordered the same style of sensors that were in the OEM rims/tires. Our Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 couldn't read them or program them for some reason. Tech assumes that the car will magically program them and all will be well. Car is shipped and now I have an appointment for this Thursday to get it done correctly and beg forgiveness. The customer is very laid back and understanding. Me? I'm working on a thin as it is patience level. Does anyone have any suggestions on what they would do? I'm an owner and know only what I know. I have been searching for a solution online and unfortunately, my best Tech who could figure this out will be off when the customer returns. And I know I have an issue here with Tech and shop Manager letting jobs leave here unsure of the outcome. A simple road test would have revealed we didn't hit our target. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. 

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Am I understanding your post correctly? You indicate that you ordered “the same style of sensors that were in the OEM rims/tires”.  Does this mean that you ordered and received OEM sensors from Subaru? Are you trying to clone OEM sensors using your Autel tool? OEM will not clone. Are you trying to initialize with four new OEM sensors in place? Is your Autel Tool updated with latest software and does it have the ability to communicate with a 2018 Subaru? Is there a reason why you did not use Autel sensors and clone the OEM sensors? If I misunderstood your post and you cloned Autel sensors with original sensors where are the other four tires, rims and sensors while you are trying to reset system? 

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I have since spoken to Autel. I've spent two hours trying to speak with them/chat with them and get something going. Updated my tool and they said as long as you get their sensors you can program them. I'm going to give it a shot. We didn't use our tool to program the sensors as someone on staff thought the car would self-program which is a laugh. This is on me for not staying on top of this with my team. Will report back and see what we can do...

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I'm assuming that in using their sensors, you clone the original number onto that sensor so the vehicle just looks for that same signal?


Look forward to learning about how you made it through.  My situation was for an insurance claim and I had to use OE everything and have receipts for it.  Using an aftermarket unit was not an option.

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I'm actually brining in the 433mhz mxtpmsensors from Autel. Will hook up to the WRX, get the ID's, program the sensors, install them, relearn procedure, and road test. If it works I will have a solution for these that I can package as individual or a set and make better margin while saving the customer some money. I had another setup that was supposed to work like this but didn't. We will see come Thursday. 

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Programmed the MX Sensors from Autel to the car, installed, road test and tire light went away. The on-board display is still showing tire pressures that don't make sense and I'm scratching my head why we can program the sensors to the car, get them to turn off the TPMS warning, read fine with my tool but yet this. Part of the way there. 

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No, the OEM sensors are a smaller style sensor head. These are a more common head size that fits in the TS601 that I have. It took some doing but it works and I expect future repairs to take less time. 

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