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Anyone using Identifix?

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We have been using Identifix for about 2 years now. I think it is another valuable source of information. Today, you can't rely on just one source. We have Mitchell, Alldata, IATN and Identifix. It's a lot! The key is to sell enough diag time to pay for everything.


Hope this helps

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Anyone using Identifix here? https://www.identifix.com/Default.asp


Any feedback?

:unsure: ok. I used identifix for a while about a year ago. They are a great resource for preventive maintenance service. They have a item that called "catch up maintenance" that allows a tech to do any maintenance that was overlooked and allows a tech to "catch up" with them items. It's a handy tool because it's a "one button push" approach, instead of clicking on different mileages to see the items one at a time.

The problem I had was that they were somewhat limited with their "feedback" database. I could go on Iatn many times and find the fix when Identifix did not have even the subject matter. Don't get me wrong, Identifix has it's place and they are good people, but my concern right now --- even as i speak--- is how much of the information that i could reliable find in Iatn, is going to be unavailable unless i pay the Identifix fee. In fact, as i write this, I am attempting to find information on a code of p0134 (oxygen sensor) for a 2003 accord 3.0 and no posts are listed. Furthermore, there are only 13 post that pertain to any driveability issue on that particular car. I use iatn very frequently and I find that 13 posts is way less than I had anticipated.

Don't get me wrong, it may be that this car just doesn't have that many problems. And on another note, It may be high time that repair shops should be paying (more) and charging (a lot more) for this service. But at this point in time, I am more than just a little "wiggled" with what is going on.

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