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Customer gets my price down as low as I can go then they ask about a Military Discount. How do you guys/gals handle this. I usually sniff out the takers although these are nice people looking for the best price. I am sure this happens with others , I just have not found a way out. I usually compliment a oil change or a extra service although it always feels odd. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    • By BNC173
      I have a new employee that needs to get some tires & asked if he was able to get them at cost or a discounted rate. We don't put much profit on the tires so not a lot of room to offer a discount. I do have other employee's that get for the cost, but they are also family members & in management. I'm curious what do other shops do or offer the employee's.
    • By Stevens Automotive Service
      Really ! If you don't someone else will and your right, you won't see them again!
      Time and time again I hear in this site "They just want a discount" they are not the kind of customer we want !!
      I would suggest you change your mind set. Just because a customer has been programmed to seek discounts doesn't make them a bad customer. Every business offers some kind of marketing pitch that, in the customers eyes, is a discount.
      DEAL WITH IT !! And how YOU DEAL WITH IT can get you a lot of good repeat customers. Yes customers that trust you, spend money with you ,listen to you etc.
      You should ,or have a staff of advisers that should be able to overcome this and in the process gain a customer. 
      Your competition is changing rapidly in 2018 as small lube shop chains are starting to do brakes, tires, etc. That's right your gravy work, and that's just the beginning.
      There are a lot of changes getting ready to be rolled out in 2018. 
      Be innovative, smart and never judge a book by it's cover it could cost you more that ever. 
      How do you deal with that type of customer ? I hope in the future it is with doing smart business. 
    • By CAautogroup
      Hello all,
      First off, love the new look of the website! Well done, I might have to hire the company that did it for our new website.
      Just had a quick question if anyone here has any feedback for offering discounts for military, teacher, police, student, etc and if so, do you mind sharing? We have a university and hospital not too far from us and would like to recruit more customers and figured this might be a possibility. 
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.
    • By mccannable
      First, I feel like i am hogging the board...
      I know parts store discount are based off of volume but when we set up with Autozone they gave us a flat %20 off non showroom parts then we signed up for the "Casper" program to lock that rate in. Advance Auto gave us the variable discount and again signed us up for the "top" tier till we got established. When ordering on their online sites it seems we are getting a deal. When we compare our discounted price to their website and store price the discounts are only a few bucks an no where near %20.
      My questions would be; How normal is this? Are we getting played? or is the normal life goes on?
      The dealer parts we get seem to have a legitimate discount over what they sell them for, not much but it doesn't appear there are games being played.
      As always, thanks in advance for the insights.
    • By xrac
      Online Group Discount Programs Guarantee New Customers
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