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Generic maintenance intervals

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Over the years we have developed some generic maintenance intervals to use on most vehicles. We have revised them as time goes by to reflect changes such as extending oil changes or extended coolant. Here's what we are presently recommending. Our POS system, Winworks Autoshop allows us to set up these intervals so that as a vehicle hits these mileages it automatically recommends them and when we do the service it automatically resets the recommendation in the future. Thoughts?

Oil changes:  semi syn  4K,  full syn  8K

Alignments: 12K

Tire rotations  5K

Brake flush  30K

Auto trans svce  60K

Man trans svce  60K

Coolant flush  60K   [older type coolant] 30K

Cabin air filters  30K

Fuel filter   30K

Fuel injection cleaning  30K

Spark plugs  copper 30K,  plat, irid 60K

Drive belts  80K

Coolant hoses  90K

Timing belts   90K




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