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ASO Members ONLY – But I've got to use that “F” Word!

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Hello ASO Member!

You may not know, but a couple of years ago, I released “The Shop Owner’s Unfair Advantage”. It was a 5 week training course to help shop owners fix their car count. 
It became the world’s only marketing course designed specifically to help auto repair shop owners.

But over time, things change, so I updated that course. 

“The Shop Owner’s Unfair Advantage 2.0” was released earlier this year with great success. The difference is the 2.0 version includes 

  • Marketing Strategies that are working today (tested and proven)
  • over 7 hours of video, plus downloadable and printable manuals for each module
  • Unlimited Access any time you want. You can review classes at any time– even if it’s 2:00 am Sunday morning ;)
  • I not only detail “step-by-step” the campaigns that I’ve used with private client shop owners, but I actually give you all the “fill-in-the-blank” templates to duplicate these campaigns yourself! That’s like having me sitting at the desk beside you while you market your repair shop!
  • And a bunch more too!

Because of the success of this course, I’ve decided to open up UNLIMITED ACCESS to Module 1 for FREE! (There’s that “F” word!). But this is a limited time offer and may be removed at any time without warning. 
Click here and You can get access right now.

What’s “The Shop Owner’s Unfair Advantage 2.0” include?: The complete course covers…

  • 11 Ways to Make More without spending a dime
  • The 5 Dangerous Trends that Your Shop faces today!
  • The Auto Shop Marketing Pyramid – the only three strategies you need!
  • 21 Hard Cold Facts about Marketing On-line
  • The one small change that Google Made that wiped out 1,000’s of repair shops – and how to fix it!
  • UXO Optimization – How to Optimize User Experience on your website
  • Multi-Dynamic-Home Pages – Use this trick to triple or quadruple your online exposure
  • What “Schema” is all about – and why you need it!
  • How to Market to Current Customers
  • The Secrets of Text Message Marketing
  • Direct Mail Secrets (Yes, it’s still really, really profitable!)
  • Fill in the blank Templates – copy, paste and you’re done!
  • Secrets of getting more Customer Referrals in a month than most shops get all year!
  • How to get the right Testimonials that sell!
  • … and lots more!

Get instant access right now!

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact me directly or through this forum. 


Hope this helps!

Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"



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