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Finding/Hiring a Shop Forman/ Lead Tech

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First of all i want to thank all who contribute and provide awesome advice and support.

The question that i have is not new and probably bothers all of us.

Q... I am looking for a lead technician / shop foreman. I have tried for a while and seem to not get results. I need some advice from all that have been in the same situation. ( I am in buffalo ny)



i am doing


monster (not consistenty)


indeed (paid per click budget)

craigslist ( renewed weekly, rotating ads)

family friends ( got a mechanic)

tool trucks

parts stores( hand out a reward 3x5 flyer)

road sign

lawn sign




Thank you

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Great Tire Deal

Just a thought. It has worked for me in the past to select someone that is currently a technician and shows the potential for leadership. That would mean grooming someone into exactly what you are looking for. Then replace them with a regular technician. You typically get someone that is a great fit because they already know how the shop functions, what is important, etc.

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Incollision, I feel your pain, I am in Hamburg NY and have been looking for months with no luck. I am now using hirethewinners.com. Still have had limited luck, but have come up with more that I did, using the methods you are talking about. Good luck with your hunt.



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