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    IN Collision & Auto Repair
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    74 Skillen Street, Buffalo, New York, 14207
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    Auto Repair
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    Shop Owner
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    Help car owners keep their vehicles on road safe and well maintained

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  1. Car-x . Is is possible to get a copy of the ad you used on career builder to find the shop foreman/ lead tech?
  2. First of all i want to thank all who contribute and provide awesome advice and support. The question that i have is not new and probably bothers all of us. Q... I am looking for a lead technician / shop foreman. I have tried for a while and seem to not get results. I need some advice from all that have been in the same situation. ( I am in buffalo ny) i am doing monster (not consistenty) CareerBuilder indeed (paid per click budget) craigslist ( renewed weekly, rotating ads) family friends ( got a mechanic) tool trucks parts stores( hand out a reward 3x5 flyer) road sign lawn sign Thank you

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