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Are we our worse enemies?

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Last week I attended a dinner meeting that was sponsored by one of our biggest part suppliers.


There was there an opportunity to collectively discuss the local status of the industry. Many were complaining that customers are not maintaining their cars, that they don't replace worn parts even when they are presenting a safety issue, etc. etc., etc.


For some background and context, New Jersey discontinued doing safety inspections back in August of 2010. They only do emission inspections now. Back then, the state inspectors would check brakes, suspension, lights, wipers, glazing, etc. This created a tremendous demand for auto maintenance and repair, it was the regulatory actions that assured the demand for our industry.


When the point came up to lobby the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, there was tremendous opposition from the majority of the crowd. From the " I don't get involved in politics" to the "I am a Libertarian and hate government regulation."


Funny enough, the ultra rich owners and controllers of Insurance companies are not against government regulations when they know the regulations the legislature pass is in their favor and benefit their pockets.

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