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Just another day in paradise.

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Just another day in paradise. Here is a Facebook review I received today and my response. You would think that if a customer had a problem like this they would at least make a call to the shop before posting something so inaccurate.

And before you chide me for not doing a complete inspection [wheels off], as you can tell from her first comments we were really stretched for time and when that happens we do sometimes perform a more limited inspection.



The customer's review:


I swore by Defer Tire for many years and always had my work done there. Took my car in recently for an appointment that I made a week in advance. They called me and tried to move my appointment but I was unable to move it because of work reasons. They rushed through my car, did not fix what needed fixed, charged me for a front end alignment I didn't ask for, and now my wheel almost fell off because they didn't tighten my lug nuts on 1 wheel. All because they took on more then they could handle. We will never go back again. Disappointed and ticked. Now I have to spend a whole bunch more money to have my car fixed, may have to contact a lawyer

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Defer Tire Sorry we didn't meet your expectations. The car came in 2 months ago for us to check the coolant hoses and spark plugs. It needed both. We changed the spark plugs but when it came to the hoses, there was a metal tube needed that could only come from the Toyota dealer and would have to be ordered. Because of that, we couldn't complete the car on that day. We got the tube in a few days later and called to let you know but you have not called to reschedule. As far as the alignment, you had not had it checked in 4 years so we suggested that be done. You gave permission to do the check which we did. In this case the alignment was fine so you were only charged for the check, about half of the price of an alignment. As far a wheel coming loose, we never had the tires off on this visit. However, a year ago we had suggested that you needed 2 rear tires. When it came in in July, we noticed that you had purchased them elsewhere. I would suggest that you contact that shop about the loose lug nuts. I called you and left a message today if you wish to discuss any of this.
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