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Shop Efficiency? Help!

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Hello everyone i have been going in this site for a while and this is the first time i start a topic.


So let me give you a little insight of what is happening at the shop. i have 3 techs, one service advisor (my self) one receptionist, and a shop foreman (my father). We average at 45-65 billed hours a week (5 days), at 65 billed hours we are going crazy like if we are bringing in 150 hours, at the end of the week i look at my hours and Im like WTF. i just ran around like crazy for this.. Im know we have a big efficiency problem but i don't see the issue. My question is how is everyone a tight ship? How long is it taking for people to get there parts? I know its different for every one but i looking for an average.


I hope i can figure this out..



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