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  1. i always use things that people can relate to like the LP record and the sun analogy. Heat will warp a record like heat will warp the rotors.. so in this case i tell customers that brake rotors should be replace together because they both have to be the same thickness and then i tell them if they would you ever consider buying only one shoe. if only one shoe gets worn will they just buy that warn shoe? after that what can you say "I under stand, go ahead and replace them.." Done "Change them Bob..."
  2. I bill my jobs based on the Michell estimator. i also add 10% on top for cleaning, painting, gasket removing, broken bolt removal ext.. also i try not to overlap labor, like if estimator for spark plugs are 1.2 and wires is 1 i put 1.2 on spark plugs and wire. I am the only one doing the service writing and the shop is pretty big. It should be a 2 SW and 4-6 Tech Shop. but i cant even keep 3 tech doing 40 billed hours each so why add one-two more techs and one more SW. So i have noticed that after ordering the parts from local parts suppliers they have been coming in late and we did not have a a parts tracking system in place. i don't have time to keep track of delivery time and parts arrivals. I'm constantly putting out fires front to back.. I'm also a master tech so as much as I'm tying to avoid getting involved with the back i get sucked in it . So i get backed up in the front. This past week i hired a kid (21) to keep track of the parts ordering and his is in charge of putting all the parts in place to for the repair orders. policy is that the parts must arrive within an hour or he must call and push the parts supplier to for the delivery. You just cant rely on the parts suppliers they forget consistently and i end up finding out 2-3 hours later. its just hurting my production. Some times i think I'm such a nice guy, this might be one of the issues... so everything in this list i will need to implement ASAP
  3. Hello everyone i have been going in this site for a while and this is the first time i start a topic. So let me give you a little insight of what is happening at the shop. i have 3 techs, one service advisor (my self) one receptionist, and a shop foreman (my father). We average at 45-65 billed hours a week (5 days), at 65 billed hours we are going crazy like if we are bringing in 150 hours, at the end of the week i look at my hours and Im like WTF. i just ran around like crazy for this.. Im know we have a big efficiency problem but i don't see the issue. My question is how is everyone a tight ship? How long is it taking for people to get there parts? I know its different for every one but i looking for an average. I hope i can figure this out.. Rick
  4. I got some from McMaster-Carr.com its the cheapest I have found. They are good thickness and i installed the keys holders on the side of the invoice holder. not bad for the price.

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