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  1. I tried being open Saturdays 8:30 - 2:00 for 8 months with advertising through emails and Facebook and all we really got were DIY'ers wanting us to bail them out at 1:59, a few oil changes, and lots of State Inspections (which the State of Maine mandates cannot be over $ 12.5 [i added on a Saturday $12.50 Saturday convenience fee which people gladly paid]. The only tech willing to work Saturday was an apprentice. Occasionally we got a decent paying job. I thought with so many Boston area commuters, we would be busy but no. Once summer came, it died because people want to play and not b
  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll keep you apprised of our progress and successes.
  3. Can you disclose publicly or privately those %s? ([email protected]) Is your benefits package generous? One seminar I attended by ATI recently (Jan 08) contended that loaded techs' GP should be 60% (Labor Income generated by the tech - [tech's wages + vacation pay + other pay + 11.5% of the tech's total wages for payroll taxes + company paid portion of Health Insurance premiums + Workers Comp premiums for that tech {which is based on the tech's wages}] = Gross Profit for this tech/ Labor Income generated by this tech = % Labor GP (Loaded) After doing this calculation I re
  4. I know that there are management companies out there who tell their clients (shop owners) that they should only book for 50% of their available hours on a given day because they feel your techs should find all kinds of work when doing complimentary vehicle inspections. To me that is a very high risk and is based on the premise that your customers don't take good care of their cars What if you have a loyal and regular client base who comes in religiously for every scheduled oil change and maintenance service and your techs look the car over thoroughly ? - sorry but every RO for that type o
  5. It doesn't matter if you think about it - what matters is that your Gross Profit (the $ left after paying your Parts and subcontracted vendors AND your techs) is substantially greater than your Operating Expenses. Financially healthy shops across the country are reporting 15-25% net income before taxes but after their wages are taken out. I am not there yet but working on it. You need both in my opinion - we have a relatively health avg RO of $395 but we don't have enough cars to keep 4 ASE Master L1 techs busy through out the year. My Service Manager argues that I should lower my Pa
  6. When you folks have instituted changes in pay plans, how have you gone about the process? Presumably you start by developing a formula based on stimulating yet proven ideas from some outside source Then you " run the numbers" based on how this new pay plan will affect the people who work for you and your business. Do you run the old plan and new plan simultaneously for a month let's say so that those stepping up to the plate with increased performance are rewarded and those not stepping up have the safety net of the old plan but are made aware of what the new one will be to thei
  7. Perhaps this really should be another thread as it's not about recharging your internal battery EXCEPT that RL O'Connor said "the most effective cure to burnout is profitability"! Agree with you 100% so long as the client is willing to pay otherwise no transaction takes place. I remember going to one of many Automotive Service business financial seminars where the consultant went through the calculation of how to determine break-even and labor rate. I had absolutely no problem with the computations. This was in the era when money was virtually flowing in the streets and the attitude
  8. I agree and when I make myself do this I am and the business is better for it however it is such a struggle because I know that unless I change what I am doing with my business then everything will stay the same. I went for a good XC ski last Saturday and while I was listening to SHowcase seminars while driving back and forth I forgot about work while keeping my heart rate at 160 for sure and I was more energized as a result. For those of you who are in TurnAroundTour, it sounds as though Gary's answer to every problem is always a HowToManual. While I applaud and endorse creating st

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