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  1. Hi Joe! Our Auto Body Shop in Valencia remains open as normal time (8-6 pm). We have less no. of workers due to Covid-19. And yeah it affects customers badly. We totally concern over social distancing and takes special care while working. We do have follow up customers via call when repair work is done. Our Shop Location: Valencia - Network Auto Body INC 24854 Avenue Rockefeller Valencia, CA, 91355
  2. @Joe Marconi You said that right. Deserve attention towards O.E.M parts, repaint work done is not satisfactory, repair guarantee might be differ or sensing a difference in the way your vehicle handles. Improvement are key to ensuring and maintaining the highest possible level of satisfaction among the customers. Competition heads neck-to-neck in repair shops. The customer rely on quality and cost of service. A happy customer is one who will come back whenever they need help. Because the customer estimates the labor rates to various shops in nearby locations. Our biggest challenge is to adapt latest technology, while repair cost will minimum to our valuable customers.
  3. The Autel MaxiDiag MD808 is a good choice for a Professional OBD2 Scan tool because of the smart design and advanced features. It can help with oil and maintenance service light resets. But have some cons like slow speed for scanning & sometimes Inst. manual is indeterminate or vague.

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