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  1. hasoon2000


    what year and model is the Subaru? Engine size? I'll check my Subaru software and see if there's an update for P0420 for you.
  2. hasoon2000


    I do mobile programming on the side for shops and small dealers. The good thing about have some of this equipment is that it also allows you to do dealer-level diagnostics, depending on the make. I can't think of it from the top of my head, but I have around 8 - 10 different scanners, for different makes/purposes. Again, depending on the make, you may be limited in what you can flash. For example, Nissan allows you to only to powertrain modules with their flashing software. On the other hand, GM allows you to reflash any module your heart desires. GM also has their dealer software (GDS2/Tech2Win) available for shops to use, with a paid subscription. Whether it's a full reflash or just a software update, I charge a full fee. The subscriptions that I pay stay the same, so I can't discount the fee for a tiny update. If anyone has questions or would like to get into flashing, feel free to message me.
  3. Hey everyone. I've been talking about opening a shop on and off with my former boss/friend. My background: I use to manage my friend's shop (then, former boss) + other businesses. He specialized in European repairs. I used to run diagnostics for the Mercedes via laptop. We closed his shop down. Reason being, he's more of a shop foreman, than a business-minded guy. I'm an IT and business guy. I build out networks and computers for clients. He works at a big name dealership and he got me a job with him. He's a journeyman and I was a service advisor. This was over a year ago. I quit the job, due to terrible pay (practically slave labor) and terrible hours (65+ hours/week). I now do mobile programming. What got me into it was, my last 2 weeks at the dealer, we had a car that came in. Brand new 2016 with 1000 miles. Had a check engine light. Dispatched it and the tech came back to me telling me it needed a software update. P Code was regarding low fuel pressure (generally a fuel pump). It got me thinking and I did a lot of research and 2 months later, I started to program cars. I program cars on the side and I work another job so I'm always staying busy. My friend and I got in talks again. He still has all his tools + more from his old shop. I have the IT stuff (laptops, computer hardware and more) + a ton of scan tools and subscriptions. I can program GM, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Kia, Toyota and much more. I handle the business side + do programming/computer diagnostics and he handles the shop side + whatever techs we hire. Stuff we will need: Lifts Smoke machine (not sure if he still has his old one or not) Air Compressor TPMS tool (Been reading a lot about Autel's TPMS tool) Mitchell POS system (I used to use and loved it) Brake Lathe Stuff we have: Scan tools / Programming subscriptions All Data / Identifix subscription Tools Waiting room furniture (from the old shop. Still like new) MPI Sheet (Multi-Point Inspection) IT hardware Stuff we'd like to do: Carry common parts (air filters/cabin filters, etc) Structure a streamlined hiring process. Do book time and use Mitchell to keep track of book time. If not, create an excel formula to keep track. Stuff I'd like to know more about: What do you offer for benefits / What company do you go through for benefits? Employee handbooks / how to come up with them? What insurance do you have for the shop? Alignment rack (Very expensive, but curious to what brand/model people have) Possible hourly rate for shops that work on European + Asian/Domestic. Do you start off a diagnostic charge at 1 hour and if a customer accepts the job, do you still charge them the diag fee + job fee or is diag fee discounted? Do you use an outside payroll company/accountant or do you use Quickbooks or something similar? I do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions to further learn and prep myself. Thank you for taking the time in reading this.
  4. @Peter94, the Cardaq can be used for OEM diagnostics. You can use it for much more than just programming. I have subscriptions and what not to diagnose GM, Toyota, Honda, etc using my Cardaq. PM me for more info. I'm not a fan of using the snap-on handheld scanners and what not. Using OE or as close to it has been quicker, easier and more efficient for when I help shops.
  5. Be careful with the Maxisys J2534 programmer. They don't list what pins has certain manufacturer protocols. You have a higher risk of messing up a module with it. Also, if a module gets damaged, you won't receive support through the auto manufacturer (GM, Ford, etc), as the MaxiFlash isn't a recommended/approved device.
  6. This is a yes and no response. True, not all aftermarket scanners function the same as factory tools. However, I have around 7 scan tools for different purposes/functions, including OE factory tools. You have to learn and read about programming. Every car and model is different. Just like replacing a part on a car. Some cars require different steps/procedures to replace that one part. If you can get into programming, it's the future of the auto business.
  7. I wish I was online and read this. Could've solved most issues for you rather quickly. If anyone has questions on programming, feel free to contact me. If you need a laptop setup or need help in finding the right device to program modules, I'm more than happy to help. I'm located in Orland Park, IL as well, for those that need programming done. I'm mobile and program modules for shops.
  8. hasoon2000

    Hi Everyone

    I'm in Orland Park.
  9. hasoon2000

    Hi Everyone

    Introducing myself here. A little background of myself: Managed a mechanic shop for half a year. Worked as a Service Advisor for a big name dealer in IL. Currently program modules/ECUs for cars. I strangely fell into the automotive field, due to my brother. He's a mechanic, has a small dealer and shop. I just happened to be the IT guy of the family, setting up networks, computers, etc and learned to program modules on my own. Fun stuff and very intriguing. Possibly has plans to open up a shop with my former boss (shop that I managed for half a year) as he has the skills for diag, repair and what not and I can manage the business aspect, do diag via laptop and program. Still thinking about it. Enough about me. Thanks for having me to the site. Feel free to ask questions about programming, if you'd like.