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  1. $110 to $120 depending on type of work done, northwest rural Seattle. Labor rate needs to be set by a lot of expense factors and I think you really need a variable rate for different types of jobs, most modern management system can do this. One of the expense factors here is how much you pay your Technicians, I hear and read how hard it is to find good experienced Techs and most agree that low pay is a big factor especially when trying to bring up new Techs, I am sure there is shops out there taking good care of there top Techs, I have been Tech for over 40 years now and my pay has been stagnant for the last 20 years but I have seen labor rates at the shop's go up nearly 40% ???? I understand the cost of doing business in this industry and how its rising all the time, I started at 50% labor 10% parts at a gas station then went to a Dealership and it dropped to 40% Labor has dropped from there now around low 20%. When Looking for new Employees you have to show the cost of the position, insurance your retirement plan tool allowance ect. ect. now the employee can feel better about the base wage and why its not 50% labor any more. This is a good Podcast about how they are doing Business Down under and there way of pricing. https://remarkableresults.biz/remarkable-results-radio-podcast/e379/
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  3. This is one of my top tools, have been using it for years, way safer and more versatile than a torch. Must have tool!
  4. My latest problem was, Installed new FRM in a 2010 X5 and the software on this new (built date 2016) module was newer that the last CIP that AL has, and it all went down hill from there. Talked with AL and they could not get me the latest software for this vehicle, so I had to break out the J2534 and update the software, very SLOW.. but got it done. Just watch out when replacing Modules and updating newer vehicles.
  5. You really need a smoke machine! not sure how you get by without one? But if you are looking to evap testing take a look at this.

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