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  1. I’ve run a general repair shop for 35 years and became a small associate tire dealer about 5 years ago. We do not sell used tires for same reasons most of you have already listed. #1 used tires are a liability that sooner or later will bite you in the butt…….and believe me now days law suits abound. #2 like someone said a used tire customer is not going to allow you to do any other services nor will they likely be a repeat customer. #3 why compete with my own new tire sales? I do not begrudge anyone that wants to sell used tires and I understand there are lots of folks that need to save money the best they can....but I just don't think it fits my business model.
  2. Mainly we need to show how we are different from big box stores by the way we take care of our customers. Honesty still goes a long way along with personal service with a "thank you" and follow up call a day or so after we work on their car. We have remodeled our waiting room and have comfortable chairs with a gourmet coffee maker, wide screen cable TV, and Wi-Fi signal. We carefully schedule waiting appointments so they are convenient with their schedules. Have a loner car for those situations when a customer has a unexpected break down or when parts availability delay a repair. The list goes on but you will notice I never said cut price…..but try and make it a good value.
  3. I’d like to say they don't sell to my customers but they do. Let’s face it they are there selling convenience and a perceived cheaper price. most are open all hours when we are closed. To most customers a tire is a tire and a battery is a battery... they have no idea what TPMS is and why we torque a wheel. All the major brands have all their signage and promotional material plastered up so you see it as you walk in their doors. Heck I felt like I wanted to put a set of tires on my truck the last time I was there with my wife shopping. This business is much different than when I started and we must adapt or lose. I never believed in coupons or sending direct mail or advertising because I did not need too but all of that has changed.
  4. I have used Mechanicnet for several years now. It has proven to be some the best bang for my buck in keeping my customers coming back. They have improved their services and funtions as the industry and their competion has dictatated. They do not require a long term contract as far as I know. I can do email marketing to my customers free of charge. Many of my cutomers and also new customers find me at the web site they set up and request appointments. This feature is great. I have their competition calling me and buging me to change and I just cannot see why I should change my CRM provider. I am sure the others can do a good job also....but the bottom line is a shop that is not doing CRM is losing customers and probaly does not know it.
  5. Good subject. We are having more and more issues with the quality of parts. Last week we replaced a clutch on a Neon. Next day customer was back with a miss at idle that he did not experience prior to our working on it. After compression test and checking what we had done I felt like we were going the wrong direction. Iit felt more like a vibration to me. So I had my tech pull it back apart and just for grins went ahead and installed another clutch. That took care of the problem and hopefully we salvaged a customer. Prior to redoing the clutch I had called the manufacturer technical help line to see if they had ever heard of this problem with this application. I really had not run into this problem before. Of course all I got was "no" never had the first one come back. OBTW this clutch is the integeral type that the flywheel is with the unit and its all riveted together. No way to bolt in wrong...only goes one way. I guess they figure that that a balance of the unit would drive the cost up too much and really is not nessary. Well only if you want it done correctly. So I called the manufacturer back to tell them they may be seeing a problem with their clutch products. I also asked them about all the "made in China" markings on there product. Asked them if they even make clutches in this country anymore. The anwser was a matter of fact ...NO..Borg Warner no longer makes clutches. They just import the clutches and put it their boxes. Not much different from the other used to be big names. No.... I did not get a sorry you had a problem or any offer of help with that labor. No all I got was.... where did you buy that unit? Couldn't wait to get me off their phone. So the next time a Neon comes in for a clutch and we quote a O.E. from the dealer and the customer decines the repair and goes down the street to competitor .......at least I will have not lost my labor cost.
  6. Our business is up overall 33k or 2.5%. It was up and down more this year from month to month than previous years. I have seen a shift in customers buying habits in the last 2 months. It seems they have decided to keep the car they have and are more likely to buy maintenance services that are suggested. Have a happy new year! e. miles

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