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Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

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Grammarly Writing Support

I use an Autel TPMS tool, "MaxiTPMS TS401

easy to use, does all the models.

I also use it for checking keyfob battery strength. Cool feature.


I don't change tires so I can't answer that part of it.

But, I seem to do a lot of them


I charge a diagnostic fee for checking the system, and a few bucks for setting them up. Under 40 bucks usually.

Around here (Oklahoma) without any state inspections at all nobody really gives a flip about service lights or TPMS lights. But the ones that do like to have it done.


A lot of them are amazed that some little box is talking to the tire. LOL Always gets a reaction from the customer when they watch me check their car. LOL

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    • By Joe Marconi in Joe's Blog
      There are many things to consider when creating a marketing plan. Among them are establishing a budget, what forms of media should be used, and whether traditional advertising, such as TV, radio, and print, is still relevant.  And of course, how much should be allocated to social media and digital advertising?
      All the above are essentials to any marketing plan. However, the first step is ensuring that you have a healthy workplace and that your employees understand your company’s culture and the overall mission and vision. 
      We all know that happy employees create happy customers. No form of advertising can overcome a toxic workplace with unhappy employees. If your employees are not creating an amazing customer experience, your marketing plan will not work.
      Advertising and marketing may bring in customers, but the people in your company creating an amazing customer experience will be the most important component of your marketing plan.  It’s the customer experience that sells work and gives the customer a reason to return. 
      Creating an amazing employee experience, which creates an amazing customer experience, is also the most cost-effective part of your marketing plan. In fact, it cost next to nothing.
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    • By Joe Marconi
      Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) are becoming more and more common these days. I think this is a good thing. 
      What I am concerned about is how the the DVI report is being used.  I am not a fan of sending the digital report to the customer to be used in place of the service advisor speaking and explaining the results of the report first.  Would a doctor send the MRI, lab tests, and x-rays directly to the patient without the doctor first discussing the results?  In fact, there are times when the doctor never shows the report results. 
      In my opinion, the DVI is a tool, and it's not meant to take the place of good old fashion person to person discussion, which is called customer service.
      Agree? Disagree?  
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      I recently read an article in Auto Success online, a publication for dealerships. It states that there is a market for used tires. I was never a fan of selling used tires. Link to article below. 
      Your thoughts? Comments? 
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      With the massive push from car makers to build more electric vehicles in the coming years, does it make sense now to install an EV charging station?  
      What percentage of your current customers own EVs?  And do you have customers asking questions about EVs? 
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      Years ago, I had a "No rehire rule." My thinking back then: If someone quits and I rehire them, does that send the right message to the other employees? That they can leave and I would take them back?  However, we are in different times.
      Employees, especially techs, have left their jobs in recent years, lured away by better pay, in many cases. But, these employees soon realized that a job (a career) is not all about the paycheck. 
      What would you do if an employee came back to you, asking for re-employment? 
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    • By Joe Marconi
      I will never forget the day when a customer, who didn't like the price, took cash out of his pocket, crumbled up the cash, and threw the money at me. 
      This customer clearly crossed the line, in my opinion. 
      Before I tell the rest of this "true" story, I would like to hear from you: How would you have handled this situation? 

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