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Stuck being the middle man

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I am not sure if this question will apply well to this forum but maybe someone can point me in a direction to get some advice.


I own a performance shop in Boise, we cater to high end vehicles which we upgrade and customize.

My question is, we run into instances in which we have recommended a part or parts to be installed on a vehicle that turn out to be faulty and or don't fit as advertised. While we are used to the fact that 'bolt-on' is a loosely used term and adjustments always need to made, when we spec a part, then install it and it fails prematurely I find it hard to decide how to charge to fix said part.

Most times the vendor/manufacturer will honor warranty on the part and replace it. But, how to charge for the diagnosis and re-re?

I feel in order to maintain a good reputation that the proper thing to do is not charge labor on the repair but, unfortunately this is not an uncommon problem in the performance world. As such it can get to be a financial burden.




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      Hi there guys
      Just wondering what sort of problems you guys have with seized nuts. Are there specific parts that give you the most grief? How often do you have to tackle a problem like this in your daily work? Have you had any bad experiences using a blowtorch to heat them? Has anybody found a better alternative to the blowtorch for removing them?
      We are thinking about launching a product that will aid in removal of stuck nuts, either rusted or seized with threadlock compound. But it is very important that we get extensive feedback from the guys who will actually be using this product as to what their problems and needs are, so we can design it most effectively.
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