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Advice on Offers and Specials for Holiday E-mail Blast

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Any suggestions on what type of specials or offer for a Holiday E-mail Blast?


I was thinking offers for Charging Sys Diag, Winterization (cooling sys flush, wipers, tire checks etc), Battery replacement specials, oil changes etc.


percentage off? Free or lower cost inspections?


Give me some ideas guys. Thanks!!!

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I may throw you a curve ball and please with all due respect, but around the holidays we don't market or advertise. We send out holiday greetings cards and email blasts and travel tips. We also promote that we collect toys for Toys for Tots campaign. Sometimes the best promotion is no promotion at all, just good old fashion greetings and wishing everyone goodwill.

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Good idea.


Joe what do you think about a Holiday E-mail blast just wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season and a thank you for their business and support and then sending something in January as a New Years special? I'd space them about 4-6 weeks apart.

That is exactly what I do. Customers know who we are and what we do. Building relationships and showing them you really care about loyalty will pay dividends in the future.


I like sending seasonal tips thru a email blast and on social media, highlighting all the concerns people have during the winter months: Tire tips, wipers, the importance of antifreeze, snow tire tips, travel tips, tips if you get stuck, have your battery tested if it's more than 3 years old, etc.. Then I have a link which goes to my web site for more information and my seasonal promotion, which is a winter check(checking all those concerns) with an oil service with a rotation. We also add a BG oil additive and a BG fuel treatment.


I like this type of marketing because it shows more value and it gets the customer thinking about the need for safety and maintenance.


We do this 4 times a year, for each season.

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      Have I got your attention? Great.
      Let me start by saying that I believe in giving praise when deserved and letting employees know when they dropped the ball. However, the truth is that no one enjoys being reprimanded or told they messed up.  
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