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1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager...what causes this?

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Need you guys to throw out some ideas for me. Transmissions are admittedly a weak point for me as I know very little about them. About 6 months ago the transmission went out on my service van (1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.8L) and so I bought one from salvage, changed the filter and fluid, and replaced it. It has done well up until this point, but lately I have noticed it has started to shudder on acceleration (feels like the whole front end is shaking from side to side!) at about 20 or 25 mph and then if you get up and faster than it will keep shaking even after I let off the accelerator. I have discovered that if I shift it into neutral while this is happening that it will immediately smooth out. Initially I thought it was a tie rod or something suspension/steering related, or maybe a bad axle, but wouldn't it keep shaking even in neutral if that was the case? Any and all help would be appreciated!

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      Kinda going crazy here. Got a call about the brake pedal going to the floor on a 94 Civic. After talking with the customer it sounds like a Master, were sure to check for any leaks on wheel cylinders, caliper, lines and hoses. We can't replicate the problem, we drive it do everything but take it on the highway. Customer's friend who's a "tech" talks to me after we can't replicate it and tells me to put a master on. We don't and tell the customer we'll have to come back out and try to replicate it again.

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      posted this in the wrong area
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