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How do most shops charge for wheel alignments? (vehicle size, work involved, toe adjustment only?) Sometimes adjusting the camber and caster involve extra labor and parts to be replaced. How would you approach a customer?


Would you recommend doing a diagnostic first prior to a wheel alignment? Since a shaking steering wheel does not necessarily mean you have a problem with your alignment, more than likely a suspension component is worn out or needs to be replaced. How would you go about doing so?

We have had quite a few customers insisting on a wheel alignment, when in fact it will not fix the problem they are experiencing. They come back complaining and insisting on a full refund.



Thanks for your thoughts.

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    • By Junior
      I have an older coats wheel balancer. Works great and is accurate. The problem is that on modern car 19-22" wheels it becomes really hard to eyeball the correct place on the wheel for the weight. Extra spins become common because the last weight was a few degrees off the mark. Newer balancers have laser pointers that make it easy. Has anyone retrofitted a pointer to their older balancer? Did you buy a kit or did you build something? I've done some searching but I can't find anyone that's done this before. I feel like it would be really handy.
    • By HK Blackbird
      Our shop is being refitted with all new equipment.
      Up for discussion is the choice of wheel alignment lifts.
      The local distribution here in Hong Kong, has two brands on offer:
      Hunter, who are well known and reputable, and Ravaglioli, who are well-represented, but
      relatively unknown to me.
      Does anyone here have any information to share on the pro's and cons of these two?
      I've had mixed results with Italian equipment in the past, some good, some tragic.
      Hoping to avoid any unnecessary shedding of tears, blood and cash.
    • By ohlmannr
      My Hunter rep came in recently and brought me a book detailing all the safety features that are being built into cars and the systems that need to be calibrated. The book details a wheel alignment and a safety system alignment. At first it got me thinking that I needed to start looking into this a little more and plan for the future. My current scan tools have always calibrated the steering sensors when needed. They are quick and easy. Today we had in a 2017 VW. The procedure that need to be done was much more in depth. So, the question is. Where do you all see the future of menu priced alignments going? How are some of you handling this and thoughts about how it needs to be handled. I’ve seen discussions about the price of some new alignment machines. I know how most on this forum feel about doing work for free. I think we have an emerging service we will be able to sell. How will you sell it ?   
      I like to keep things simple so I personally I like raising prices across the board. Some will need to be calibrated after, some wont. I hate the thought of having my advisors putting they stipulation of this is the price for the alignment but your vehicle’s safety systems may need to be calibrated and that is extra. But that may get the least amount of push back. Especially from those who’s vehicles are pre safety system vehicles.  
    • By meowpox
      Who else went to SEMA this year?! Last year we won some small tools from an OTC diagnostics competition and this year, we won a free Hunter SmartWeight Wheel Balancer (even though not the road force, its a huge upgrade for us). All you had to do is post a photo on Instagram and use their hashtag. I think they have this competition every year.

    • By Silver Star
      Does anyone know a standard thickness for an alloy wheel edge where the bead seats? I have a debate going on over a wheel being to thin to use. A comparable wheel measures at 8mm thick, this one measures at 5.6mm thick. Anybody able to weigh in? I have seen other alloy wheels at 5mm thick.
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