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To Specialize or not to Specialize?

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Just wanted to bounce a idea that i have been entertaining as of late . little about me and my current situation i am a 20 year veteran own and operate a general repair shop in a suburb of Boston. i am sure like most of you have done in the past rethinking my business strategy. with in 3 mile radius of my current location we have approx 7-9 pretty large ( meaning 4 plus bays tire and auto shops) not including myself and about 3-6 gas stations that are doing some sort of repair). but not one "import or foreign " specialist. now my question to you gentleman and women has anyone ever done a successful transition such as this ? i do have some extensive European back round and am more than comfortable with German auto lines as well Swedish. right now we do service a large amount of imports. just been looking at our industry as a whole and cant see being able to do "general repair" for all makes for ever but maybe i am wrong. i think there is def something to be said for focusing on a specific sector and funneling our time money and expertise into one area, it does make sense when looking at it from the outside. but obviously the grass is always greener i know . i do have have a friend that owns a import shop and does very well again different situation in the city and much older company ect ect. demographics do play a large part in a decision like this . where do u guys see our industry going as a whole? with tooling and software costs seem to be growing every year how long can the independents keep it going . thanks any and all imput greatly appreciated. hope you all have a great productive day....

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    • By meowpox
      Hello, we are a new shop (open for 1 year) and right now, we work on a lot of different types of cars. We have been lucky enough to have a great customer base and enough work that keeps everyone busy every day (sometimes have to be selective), but the question I discuss with my significant other (owner of the shop) is Should we specialize in a type of car? If so, when?
      This is how I see it:
      Pros of specializing:
      -People trust techs that work over and over on their type of car
      -Easier for techs to become masters of their work
      -No more spending on tools/manuals that are specific to other cars
      Cons of specializing:
      -It would close the door to a lot of potential customers
      -We find that the variety keeps day to day interesting
    • By Joshjmellor
      Hello all! I am fairly new to ASO and its been a great resource, Thank You!
      I am part way into my third year of business and looking to continue development and progress of my business. The first year was a lovely rollercoaster full of the perils and victories many of you have faced. The second year saw some traction and althought not a lot of profit, an understanding of what needed to be done to make it. Now for the third year, starting to make some money and run the business rather than that clawing on for dear life I experienced earlier.
      So, I am seeking opinions and advice from the community on the idea of creating some specialties within the full service scope of my shop.
      Some background. We are very full service, Domestic, Euro, and Asian. Good selection of scan tools, info, programming, etc. I do have a niche that we have been developing-- hybrid cars. We are one of the only shops in the state that does any serious work to them, battery rebuilds, transmission, inverter, etc. I plan to continue chasing these customers and giving them an alternative to the dealers. But! I also have a decent base of euro customers and I like those cars and customers, both profitable niches on there own.
      I just made some moves with my techs and I have in place a team that could specialize in both with some investment in tooling for the german cars.
      How do you guys go about courting a specific group without losing the other?
      Is it worth specializing in one area versus trying to be everything to everyone?
      I initially was shooting to be a hybrid specific shop, but the german cars followed me as well as all the general repair work, and I'm grateful, but I would like to define who we are and be the best at that.
      I appreciate the comments and advice given.
      Thanks! Josh
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