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Hello from newbie! 6 months in business-need some ideas

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Hello to everyone, been checking things out for a while around here, and felt I could benefit from some of your collective wisdom.


I opened a two bay repair shop in southeast PA after 15 years as a tech (same area I have always worked in). Doors opened in August 2012, and there was an initial rush of work, side work I had put off until I opened, etc.. Now things seemed to have stalled, and I cant seem to get the phone ringing. As far as advertising goes, I'm up on on the google, yelp, facebook stuff, I did a post card mailing to the developments closest to the shop, I'm on the place mats at a local breakfast place, and starting this week I am on the shopping carts at the closest chain grocery store. My walk in business is very low, partially due to the fact that I am slightly off a main road. After 2 year of looking for a shop, I rented this which the rent is more fair due to the location. This is in a fairly rural area, but there are many houses in the general area with an average of at least 2 cars each. Once customers are in, They seem very happy and say they will refer everyone they can, but it seems to never happen. I also have an oil change special for referrals I have posted in the office for them. Anyway, thanks in advance for any ideas.



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