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Autel MaxiDAS DS708 holiday sale

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As i'm currently into a lot of shopping and comparing, anyone looked into this scanner/analyzer ?

if yes, what were the prices you have found ? do you like using it ?


about every online selling price for the DS708 is $1995..... i also found a new one on eBay for $1695.




Holiday special + coupon code (xmas003) = $1036


there's a possibility that you can have it for $984, but you have to subscribe to a monthly $6.99 crappy-look-a-like membership thing...


I'm SERIOUSLY considering it (only thing holding me back is my current very low budget), because i compared, made my choice and was planning about buying it in the $1700~$2000 neighborhood.


my ex-co-worker from acura is now a teacher at mechanic school, and told me the Autel ones are best-bang-for-the-buck scanners (they have like 4 different Autel models, the lowest one in multiple copies), going through rough use with teen students who don't care. They also have BlueStreak's, snap-on's and other big brand names acquired over the years to compare with.


i also have a friend of a friend (he's been a little over 10 years at the bmw dealership i worked for (so also my ex-co-worker, but in a 55 tech shop, you're not close friend with everyone of them), and does mostly euro cars in a warehouse he rents) that just got his DS708 llately and he is pretty amazed at the ease of use and multiple fonctionalities for the price.


what's your thoughts ?

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OK - found additionnal info : while searching the web, i found out that Autel USA wants to protect their local market, thus preventing US users who bought from China to update their unit....


sorry for the "false alarm", guess i was too excited to find such a good deal !



i also had a chance to read reviews from people using it and comparing it with snap-on, otc, etc...

they say it's not top of the line, but is pretty decent for the price (that's exactly what i thought it would be, as i'd start my repair shop with it for about 3~4 first years)



from a US seller (eautotools.com), it's currently reduced at $1500....the lowest i could find yet.


i also tried to find a higher end used scanner, but i'm not convinced it's a good move.

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What kind of cars do you work on the most?


What type of work do you perform on these vehicles?


In your area have you researched the types of cars and percentage of them per household?


Age of the vehicles you are looking to work on the most?


Spence cool.gif

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