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Joe Marconi

What Type of Person Do You Portray to Others?

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What Type of Person Do You Portray to Others?


Did you ever wonder how others view you? How your employees perceive you? As shop owner and the leader of your company, your actions, moods and personality will dictate the overall mood of your company and can have a direct influence on the success or possible failure of your business.


The energy you have, whether negative or positive will affect how others around you feel and they will respond to the type of energy you send off. If you are gloomy and walk around as if the world is coming to an end, it just might, because you have set the tone for destruction. If you are upbeat and positive, this will have a very positive affect on your business and even your home life.


We all know that life brings challenges and that sometimes more things go wrong than right. And, as a shop owner for 31 years it’s sometime very hard to walk around with a smile on my face when payroll exceeds more than what I have in the bank.


All I can tell you is that if you are a negative person (and you may not even know it) you will bring more negative consequences into your life. If you are a positive person, who sees the glass as half full, you stand a much better chance at success and happiness, both in your business and home life.


It’s like the boy in little league who goes up to bat and tells himself over and over, “I’m going to strike out again, I never get a hit with this guy pitching, I know I am going to strike out”. And guess what happens? He strikes out.


Life is too short, start each day with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. The people around (customers, friends, family and employees) will feed off of your positive energy and then great things will be possible.

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