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Anyone Heard of Bolt On Solutions?

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They set me up as a beta site to try their oil sticker printing and text messaging modules. The oil sticker is not pretty, I prefer printing mine on a static cling with my logo etc. Theirs is on a standard permanent sticker that will be hard to remove. The text functions have a ways to go too. Originally they said they would hook me up with the ability to use my oil sticker printer and static clings, but have not heard back from them..... Maybe they just forgot about me!

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Hi Joe, I have heard of them. I was going to use them for the text add on, just did not decide if i wanted to add on a third party software to our Mitchell. We recently switched over to SE and it has harder to write Estimates, so i did not want to add anything else at this point. I believe Mitchell is working on a text feature.



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