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Grow or Die

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What do you guys think about this viewpoint?


There is some truth to what the article says. Although the author generalizes too much and small shops will always find their niche. I know performance shops and Corvette shops that are highly specialized and make a great income specializing in one particular area.


If you want to be a general repair shop, I agree, you will find it hard to compete if you want to be everything to everyone. We will need to find our particular strengths and what is profitable. There are very successful companies that understand who their customer is and compete to that market.


How anyone can give a dollar amount to survive does not hold water. For many shops, one million dollars is unattainable, for other it’s no money at all.

Although I understand what the author is trying to say (having enough income to purchase the correct tools and information), it’s more about who you are in the market place and what defines your business.


Know your competition, know your customer, know your market, know what is profitable. Do more of what is profitable, win the battle before you go into battle. You will find a way to thrive if you hold on to these principles.


Read the Art of War, it explains a lot of these principles.

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