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Joe Marconi

Millennial Buyers Compare Car Buying Experience with Going to the Dentist

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I found this article in Dealer Magazine (a trade publication for New Car Dealers), and thought is was interesting....



Millennial Buyers Compare Car Buying Experience with Going to the Dentist


Dealers have to be ready to deal with every kind of buyer that is going to walk into their dealership. These include the buyer that doesn't have a clue what they want, to the buyer who knows everything. One buying group dealers need to keep track of is the Millennial buyers. These buyers are the tech-savvy generation of consumers that have grown up with the internet and are very comfortable with technology. Microsoft recently conducted a study of more than 1,100 Millennial (those aged 18-29) buyers and found this generation is disappointed with the technology capabilities of their dealers and potential vehicles.


The research was conducted to get a feeling for how the Millennial generation feels about the technology features and options offered in cars and how they use technology to research potential cars for purchase.

Here are some results of the study:


• Two-thirds (67 percent) of Millennials believe buying a car is one of the most intimidating purchases a person can make, and more than half (56 percent) classify negotiations with a salesperson as more painful than going to the dentist.

• Eighty-four percent of Millennials agree that having convenient Internet access in the dealership during the car buying experience would make the process seem more transparent and fair.

• More than a quarter (27 percent) say the technology they would most associate with cars today is a 1980s desktop computer or a typewriter, indicating that there is plenty of room for improved in-car technology in auto maker’s future lines


The survey was conducted between April 6 and April 12, 2010 by Wakefield Research. About 1,100 people were surveyed via the internet.

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