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Has anyone heard of this group?

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I saw this company in my Mitchell1 information and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them?




Yes, I have been a member of Elite for about 10 years. I know the founder Bob Cooper personally. He's a great guy and his company has a lot to offer to the auto industry. I wish he would do seminars in my part of the country. The seminars I have been to and the home study courses are great. Elite has helped me in my business and was instrumental in receiving my AMI Graduate Degree.


I would urge anyone to take a look at his company for business management help. If you contact Elite, please tell them that Joe Marconi from AutoShopOwner.com (Bob Cooper may know me better from my shop name, Osceola Garage) endorses their company.


As a matter of fact I think I will contact him myself and maybe get him involved in ASO (AutoShopOwner.com)

Joe Marconi

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It could be, I will check when I get into the office on Monday to see what i paid.


Elite changed their entire site and accoirding to the site, the new price for membership is $79.00. Elite has a lot to offer and is worth checking into. It's a great business source. As I mentioned before, I am a member and know the founder, Bob Cooper, for many years.

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