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TPMS: GearWrench Introduces New Kit.

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This is a cool tool:


From the press release:

GearWrench, a premier hand tool brand from Danaher Tool Group, announced the launch of its new Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Kit. The new kit will help with TPMS sensor maintenance during tire and rim changes.
"The TPMS kit from GearWrench offers a solution for  automotive professionals who had to previously use several different tools to  achieve the same result," said Marc Mangus, senior brand manager for  GearWrench.  "Technicians and DIY enthusiasts can rely solely on the new  kit to tighten TPMS sensors to the desired torque."
In April  2005, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a rule  requiring automakers to install TPMS sensors in all new passenger cars and  trucks beginning in September 2007. "This is an essential tool for technicians who handle maintenance on new cars, specifically cars purchased  during the last three years," added Mangus.
The new TPMS Kit  features a sliding adjustable torque scale for easy setting and an audible  alert that indicates when the predetermined torque value has been reached. The kit also features a flexible drive for a screwdriver or torque  wrench.  The quarter-inch size can accommodate up to 120 pounds of air  pressure.  The kit includes a valve stem tool and two commonly used  sockets for TPMS sensor maintenance.  
The set  comes complete in a convenient blow mold case with a suggested retail price of  $150. Beginning in August, the GearWrench TPMS Kit will be available through mobile tool distributors. 


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Flash Sale + Social Proof

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