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Dorman…. Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, either way they are a force in our industry!
In this episode David and I set down with Lester Kovacs, the Director of Ideation at Dorman.
Now let’s be clear, David and I spent the better part of a week attempting to determine the best “way” to have this conversation…
You see, plenty of folks are upset with Dorman quality – it’s become a running theme or joke in the social media circles.
And there’s also plenty of folks who LOVE Dorman products…In fact a previous episode had a comment letting us know they were unhappy with a joke about Dorman in the episode.
But the primary factor in how we approached this episode? Well, it’s simple really – it takes a ton of courage AND true interest in client input to put yourself in the position Lester did…
How many of us, as shop owners, would be willing to jump on a podcast with two people who wanted to talk about “your problems”…?
So you’ll find that we discussed some of the issues, and worked to find an understanding of “where” the issues come from… 
It wasn’t a bash fest – In the same respect, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We talked about good experiences, we talked about bad experiences, and we talked about ways to improve the experience for those using Dorman products. 
We talked about part failure for a professional shop is embarrassing….it’s not just the fact that it got fixed! It’s bigger than that – it’s our reputation, it’s our livelihood! 
So tell us (in the comments section), how do you feel about Dorman? Is the quality issue bigger than Dorman?
Also….Please considering liking and subscribing to the podcast on your favorite listening app or YouTube! The likes and subscriptions are truly one of the primary reasons we take time out of our lives to do this…it’s because we know it’s valuable to you! 
To listen on your favorite listening app click here: 
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