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NEED BAYS in SoCal - Costa Mesa 92627 - lease / sublease

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Dear fellow Repair People,

We are in need of an additional closeby location to our current shop, mostly to service some of our fleets and overload for the time being. ( We will start reorganizing and a major update on our shop sometime in the next 12 months, so we will definitely use the 2nd location more during that time). I believe we can live with 2 bays and 6 additional parking spots. We will NOT open at night or Sundays or weird stuff like that. We have excellent reputation and the team that will work in this remote location has been together for over 5 years now, they are super knowledgeable, nice and honest people. We will never interact with your customers or techs, and same is expected from you. Whenever you need help, we will be happy to help!


We will sign a lease/sublease for 12 months with 2 six month options. Who knows, we might keep it even longer depending on the fleet work.

If the bays do NOT have lifts, that is NOT a problem! We can purchase&install lifts as long as the floor is solid enough for 9K-12K lifts.

Location: has to be within a few miles of 92627 Costa Mesa, preferably in the west side, the closer it is to our main location, the better. It MUST have Auto Repair zoning and all other necessary permits. We will add this location to our BAR, OSHA, insurance etc accounts.

Price : depends on location, size and terms. We have been in the same location for 7 years with excellent reputation with the landlord and customers and neighbors, you are welcome to get reference checks.

Move in date: we can sign the lease sometime in June, and I don't know when we will actually start using the location, I just want to have it ready soon.

Occupation Frequency: we will use it from time to time OR keep at least 1 tech there all day (currently undecided), between hours of :  MON-SAT : 8:00-19:00 (we do NOT plan on doing any work outside these hours)

Size: MUST have at least 2 bays inside, and at least 6 additional parking spots around it. I will be happy to pay extra for a small/medium sized office too. NO waiting area necessary for the time being, BUT a small one with 3 chairs would not hurt.

Utilities: as long as there is electricity, we can make it work. Air, New & Waste oil tanks etc are nice to have, but NOT a must.

Please let me know if you have something available with details on location, pictures, availability, price and any special terms.


Thank you very much






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    • By litljenarey
      We are leasing a 5 bay shop in a beautiful area of a Florida retirement mecca. We fall under all sorts of local noise, color, sign, and architectural restrictions. Truthfully, the place is quite attractive. The bays doors face the main street and the office/waiting room faces a side street with public parking.
      We haven't opened yet but we already have customers stopping by to chat and ask questions every time the bays are open.
      The previous shop was one man show who did it all in the first bay. He kept the "front" door locked.
      Now it's on me to re-train the customers that they can't enter the shop, stand under the lifts, chat with the tech, smoke cigars, use the techs bathroom, or park use the street parking as long term boat/rv/limo storage.
      The insurance underwriter is wanting yellow plastic safety chains and red "do not enter" type signs. I don't really like that look.
      So what does everyone else do to prevent or discourage customers from just walking into your bays?
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      Hello everyone. I am well into the process of starting my own shop. The plan is to open our doors for business October 1st this year. I won't pretend to be the most knowledgable with business, but am putting forth as much effort to prepare as I can. I hope to find a couple mentors here who would be willing to help me through this startup time and beyond. Things like refining the business plan, financing options, etc.
      I look forward to learning from you all!
    • By Dnzauto
      Dear all,
      I am considering selling turn-key my shop, as I might (nothing is concrete yet) move out of country in about a year (I do NOT turn the wrench and I am present at the shop around 20 hours/week). Excellent location, excellent reputation, ZERO advertising $$$, Very busy with big jobs (not known as an oil change place at $48/basic oil change! - although it used be known for cheap oil changes 4+ years ago - I CHANGED IT ALL).
      We work on EVERY make/model! Most tools are owned by techs that are VERY WELL qualified and know how to run the shop. It is NOT small, has 3 lifts and 2 pits, ample parking space etc, and it is NOT big - VERY manageable size!. Location is incredible, on main street, no need for A/C or heating year long! indoor & outdoor waiting area...etc... building is OLD and it shows but it is OK.
      I will also transfer ownership of BMW & Mercedes OEM level equipment, as well as complete database of Mitchell with all necessary computer equipment including back ups. Although California does NOT allow Non-Compete agreements, I promise not to perform automotive repair within 3 mile area for 3 years (If I move, I will be 10K miles away anyhow). I guarantee NOT to steal custoemrs or become a competitor!
      My shop can be run absentee with current employees. I can sell just the business OR the corporation that's established over 4 years (there will be an extra charge for that)
      Also, loaner cars (not crap cars, nice BMW, VW etc - 5 of them) are included with the sale. I perform diagnostics on the BMWs only, as that is my speciality, but as mentioned above, our custoemr database ranges from 1970s VW Buses to Camaros to newer Bentleys etc.
      If you are interested , please send me a private message. I am in no hurry to sell, as I know even if I move out of country, it will continue growing fine, BUT it will be very hard to manage that way, especially with 10hr. time zone difference to SoCal.
      IT is a Franchise, although there is not much left on the contract and they haven't even stopped by in 2+years! ( you can make it independent soon)
      Some numbers for the interested parties:
      This business treated me VERY well, if you know what I mean.
      Employees : 2 full time + 1 part time + Myself (Part Time)
      Average ROs per week : 50-55 (open 8-5:30 MON-SAT) ( Used to open Sundays and expect revenue to grow 10+% if you do)
      Average $/RO : $225+ (there were weeks that average RO came out to $350 with 50 cars)
      Marketing & Advertising : for the last 3 years, ZERO dollars is spent!!! All customers are repeat, referral or from Yelp etc. no Marketing fees to Franchisor as well - made a deal ~3 years ago)
      Inventory & Lifts & electronic Equipment : Probably around $50K - included with the sale.
      Selling Price/Wages/Any other details: to be discussed with the potential buyer in person. If I was the buyer, I would NOT change a thing on the operations!
      Please do NOT mention anything to employees on this issue, they have been very loyal ( 1 of them with me since I started 4+ years ago, the other one is with me for 3 years, and the last one with me since I started but went away to school and came back 1 year ago), they LOVE the shop and the current business structure, they are VERY ethical, and NO SALESMEN! They are NOT on commission , so they do NOT have an incentive to smash my reputation!
      Business and Corporation has VERY good relationships with suppliers and other neighboring businesses!
      I personally am ASE Consultant Certified, and do NOT turn the wrench ever. My background was Quality Assurance and I am an amateur car racer) Business has gone up and in the direction I wanted since the day I took over.
      I will be more than happy to stay and help the buyer for 3 months at 20 hours/week at my convenience at a very reasonable pay. I want to assure the customers will be taken care of the way they are used to, so there is NO issue with reputation or revenue.
      Send me a PM message if interested. If it is sold, I will also provide you with the ideas I had (but didn't have a chance to realize yet) which is supposed to double the profits in 2-3 years! YES, I said PROFITS, not just the revenue!
      This is a great opportunity and I personally guarantee all information you have and will receive will be 100% true to the best of my knowledge, and I will stand my shop 100%. ( the reviews and reputation speaks for itself anyhow)
    • By Sean
      Anyone care to share what their lease rate per square foot is? Also what type of lease they have NNN or Gross?
      Or put another way whats your lease per month and how much square feet does that cover?
    • By b1qwkbird
      My location currently is not optimal at all. The only traffic is rushing to use this road as a shortcut and definitely not wanting to slow down and get repairs done. My customers that come in from marketing are VERY pleased with our service. Currently I have one tech and I have a tech and management background myself. I am the current service writer/ tech when needed. This building also doesn't have a very good waiting room, which when I leased the building I thought would be great because I didn't want a lot of waiting customers since I opened as a one man shop. However I have had a change of heart and want to provide a comfortable environment for my customers. So I am changing locations to be on a high traffic road with better accommodations. With that being said, my current thoughts are to sign a 3-5 year lease with option to buy so I can make sure I am happy with the building and location before committing to buy (as well as saving up for a down payment). I was wondering others opinions on this, would you rather lease or buy?
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