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Okay guys, I'm pretty computer illiterate so if I'm providing info you already know, excuse me. I did a dumb thing yesterday. Got an email that gave me a confirmation for an order of some sort. Please, no lectures, I know better, but I opened it. It was ransomware. Infected my computer and encrypted my Quickbooks and POS software. That's the bad news. The good news is, the local company we use to fix computer issues was able to correct the situation quickly, and that's the advice I want to pass along. The reason they fixed the issue so quickly is because there is an option in the Windows operating system that makes something called shadow copies. So each of our computers is always backing itself up. The issue was only on my computer and the tech was able to restore my data back to only 7 hours. He said that a lot of people don't have this option clicked on because it takes up a small amount of disc space. The reason we had it clicked on was because when they were here last year for a different issue, they clicked it on. We also talked about initiating some constant cloud type backup which I am looking into. Sorry if this info isn't more detailed but again, I'm pretty stupid when it comes to this stuff.

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