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Duramax DEF Limp Mode

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Had one of my good customers drive up in 13 GMC 3500 duramax in limp mode. Scanned it, DEF heater code . replaced the heater went to reset with Verus , still in limp mode. I send to dealer to resett DEF, they say looks like bed ECM/BCM . I go pick up truck/ reflash at my shop with J box, take to another local diesal guy we go in with these snap on scanners, still nothing. Customer starting to get irritated about this, not pissed at me me just the whole def thing. He says, i am going to drive it 50 miles to this guy who can turn this def stuff off. I say, have at it. I was looking online at a Corvette forum about a cloned Tech 2 he purchased on Fleabay. I was like ,wth, so i 2 day aired me this $380 tech 2 scanner to my house. I literally walk out to the truck unbox this thing ,I have never used a tech 2 in my life. Go right into the heater codes , reset the 3 heaters and bingo no DEF light , vehicle is out of limp mode. I am sitting here typing this going why in the world would I pay 6 grand for a verus that will not reset a DEF light. My mind is really thinking now. My Snap on guy is a great guy although I am about to go at it with Snap On . This is crazy to me. I have zero confidence in this machine today. I really think this industry is changing so fast, it is warp speed !!!!

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