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01 suburban k2500 radiator

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Has anyone come across a problem with getting the correct radiator for these trucks? I have ordered 5 different radiators with all the same problems and also every single radiator I have gotten has been open box. Which leads me to believe there is a problem with the specs on these radiators. Here is the problem, they are 3/8 " quick disconnect for the trans lines and they have an engine oil cooler on the other side tank, all that is fine but when it comes to the upper radiator hose there is the problem, all the new ones come with 1 7/8" inlet and outlets, the old radiator is much smaller I didn't measure it but I would say it is maybe 1 9/16" . The stock upper hose and the 2 new upper hoses I got are all the smaller diameter on both ends about 1 9/16th they have no hose that they can find that is 1 7/8" on one end and 1 9/16 on the other.. what is the deal? Any truck guys out there come across this problem what was the solution? The truck has the 8.1 liter engine in it

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