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Pulled the Trigger - Mitchell1 SE Questions

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We finally pulled the trigger and are in the process of setting up Mitchell1 SE.


Right now my opinion is: what a nightmare!


I know I have to be patient to get everything set up, that is a given. I have done this in other industries. However, this, it will not be a smooth setup. Any tips?


My other question is: How do you handle retail sales? Once we get our THOUSANDS of retail part numbers transported into the program (at an extra $200 that we were not aware of until the programs were installed) how do you create a sale for a retail customers? I'm looking in the program, and it doesn't jump out at me. If this is not possible, then we have just wasted a lot of time, money and effort.


Some of the retail sales are made to "cash customer" in our old system. Do you recommend creating one in Mitchell?



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This is what i have found to be a problem with "retail sales". Assuming you would close out that sale as a counter sale in Mitchell. What I come to find out that in the reports, counter sales will count against your ARO. I find that to be absolutely retarded considering that you are selling a part or a product and not working on a car. Just a little annoying tidbit.

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"what a nightmare" is an understatement.


We have been using Mitchel for 8-9 years & every day I complain about it. It is too difficult to change & learn another program at this point for us.


As far as parts sales you would use the "counter" button & choose to put the customer name/addy in or not. It is much better if you have the part numbers & pricing loaded into the system.


There are A LOT of hidden features in the program I do not like such as LABOR RATE is a button labeled "type", what's wrong with making the most important thing we do - charge labor at the correct rate - an obvious label & make it show up so no one misses it??


The only help I can give is you need to spend time on the trainings & forum resource to learn some of the idiosyncrasies. I have had difficulties with new employees & I find I need to go over everything they do to correct mistakes in write up.


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20 days out and I am STILL setting up Mitchell. The nightmare continues.


In the state of Mn, some labor is taxable and some is not. R&R is not, all other labor is. How did you set this up in Mitchell, or did each user memorize what to tax and what not to and change the tax code for each invoice as needed.

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Agreed, spend time on the mitchell forum. There is an icon along the top row in Mitchell. Create an account and don't be afraid to ask questions. Also, the search function is handy in cases like yours where you have state specific stuff. Someone has probably already asked what your talking about and there is probably 1 or 2 solutions

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1. Integration with QB problems

2. Constantly being told by Tech Support "you can't do that with this program" or "I don't know how to do that". I 'fondly' refer to any phone call to tech support as "playing the game stump the dummies".

3. Many of the accounting actions are multiple steps to do them, so instead of saving time, it takes more time.


The sad thing is, we see how it has greatly helped the front side of the business, dealing with customers and we are making more money on each vehicle.


We have contacted our Field rep and our original salesman. They are currently jumping thru hoops to keep us. I have mentally shut down on this program. It is not bookkeeping friendly.

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"what a nightmare" is an understatement.



The only help I can give is you need to spend time on the trainings & forum resource to learn some of the idiosyncrasies. I have had difficulties with new employees & I find I need to go over everything they do to correct mistakes in write up.



I have watched all the videos, and have yet to find an answer on the forums. When I have a question, and I "click the question mark", it will not go to their online help page because my question is in a small screen.


How do you do a search in the online help page? You don't, tech support told me "you can't do that, our program isn't written for that ability" !!??!!

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