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Sales Projections for the Next 2 Years?

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Hey Folks!


I have been furiously busy behind the scenes trying to take our one bay operation to the next level. We are in the running to purchase a piece of commercial property and expand to a 4 bay operation to start. To make the banks happy, they want to see sales projections for the next 2 years.


I've spent a good amount of time putting these projections together, but I would love some feed back from the community. I just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything.


I'm not saying "show me your books" but if you have some basic percentage figures that I can work with based on gross revenue, that would be great. I'm just trying to cover my bases and make sure I'm not forgetting anything before we make the plunge.


But if you are willing to show me your books, that would be awesome! Of course, confidentially. I'm curious what other 4 bay auto repair shop expenses look like. Feel free to PM me and we can exchange e-mails.


Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!





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