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If any of you shop owners have excess space where an RV motor home can fit, your missing the boat on all that work. Many of the owners are thinking they only can go to a RV place for any service. There are more gas powered units than diesel and if your so inclined, these owners need service. If your anywhere close to an RV park, stop in and meet the owner or manager and let them know your able to help service anyone needing your help. The labor rates are higher than what most of you are charging for auto repairs and I found the units easy to work on. Yes they do take room, but the rv owner normally would want the rig fixed as soon as possible and will pick them up as soon as called that the work is done.

I traveled 8 years in my rig living full time in it and met a LOT of unhappy folks that were dealing with the RV only service places. If you read any of the RV related forums finding a reliable, honest and qualified service place ranks as the top complaint. The places that are rated high in the service side are always busy and have a big following of customers. Just a thought to increase sales and profits. Might be worth looking into.

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