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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I will keep at it and use all my resources. I will let everyone know how I will proceed. After I thought about it, I just put it in the "one to grow on" category and will use it to help others when I have found my way. Thanks again
  2. OK, so a little update. I went to pitch my plan yesterday at the local small business administration. The guy threw my plan to the side without looking at it. He then told me a 30 minute story about how he worked the oil fields in the 50's, and how he is not "familiar" with the internet. Bottom line is, it was a complete waste of time. I understand most of the "counselors" there are likely volunteers, but holy cow they could not have been any less helpful. I went in with all my questions written down and a professional looking business plan that I worked on for ages and I received no feed bac
  3. Joe, thanks so much for the reply and the great advice. I go to the local business administration on Wednesday for them to review my phase 1 plan. Once I know the tweaks I need to make I will take it to the proper people for help (business lawyer, accountant, consultant, so on) for phase 2. I am encouraged that you are having luck with used car sales and I wish you great success. The laws in my area are tough for selling cars, but if it was easy everyone would do it. The market I'm trying to fill, currently is not being addressed. I would like to use this as a way to give myself just one mor
  4. Yeah, I think you are right about the partner thing. If I can do it on my own I will. Our market is at just over 40,000 but the surrounding area is much larger. The town I live in is growing rapidly, and the services I will provide are currently hard to find. I may reduce to 4-6 bays then and leave room for expansion. Thanks again you guys! A few more questions ... 1. If there was one employee/ duty position you could not live without, what would it be? 2. What do you do about building and grounds maintenance? 3. Besides lifts, compressors and all the normal stuff, are there a
  5. Thank you very much for your answer. Very good advice. I am in the process of working out the kinks for the sales lot. I will likely get my dealers licence and do that piece myself. If I have to start smaller, I will. I'm hoping to find a way to make the whole thing work, but you know what they say... "hope in one hand and #^$^& in the other and see which fills up first" or something like that You guys are the experts and that is why I am so grateful to have found this site. You guys have been a world of help already. I'm waiting for the day when I can share my experience with others. O
  6. Thanks so much for the answers! On the tool front I suppose like you said, I will get the big stuff and if a need arises I will purchase from there. On the partners, you are right. One of the big things I would like to get away from are bosses. I may narrow it to one or two, just so financing is a little easier with out having to answer to too many people. The wife and I both qualify for loans so we should be able to do this without them. On the positions to hire and my role I was asking from the standpoint of having 8 bays and an admin building. I would like to start with one detailer, two te
  7. I guess I will check back tomorrow. You guys aren't getting rid of me that easy
  8. I checked out your shop website... very nice! Both the site and the shop are awesome.

  9. I will continue to come back and check for replies. Thanks folks!
  10. Trying to put this plan together

  11. Ok folks I need some help. I have been reading a lot here lately but just registered today. You folks are a wealth of information and I would be extremely grateful for any help. Warning, this is a bit long-winded! Let me give you a quick background on me, then what I am trying to do, and where I am at with the process. I am 37 years old and have had a dream of opening a hot rod shop for about 30 years. I have wrenched on cars for most of my life off and on, building several cars over the years including a 70 mach1, 67 cougar, 85 camaro, and others. Working on cars has always been just a pa

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