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  1. I'm unclear what the 18% is supposed to be. 18% of the invoice total? Part cost of 18% of part sell price meaning you are selling at 82% margin? If you're at 82% GPM then you need to be teaching me. Hopefully not 18% mark up. Average repair invoices are 40% - 55% parts and 45% - 60% labor. Average service tickets usually have a bit more labor.
  2. Never heard of Lighthouse but YODLE sucks. Used them several years ago and my directory listings are still jacked up, even with extensive time trying to correct and using a paid service. Currently using YEXT. They're ok. Pretty easy to use dashboard/interface. Been with them just over a year. Most directory listings are now correct. It's a Catch 22. There are very few free directory listings anymore. Posting corrections and updates can be very time consuming. So services like YEXT are helpful. The best I understand they don't actually claim the listing but are partnered with directories and do post updates. If you ever terminate service you run the risk of the directories reverting to incorrect info. At this point, I'm staying with YEXT until I figure a better way. I do know that it is imperative for all your address/contact/location information be consistent across all directories and listings or you risk getting scattered in lower rankings. Just looked up Lighthouse. It's a Yodle app. Me personally, I will not even explore it further because it's Yodle. I would be VERY hesitant about giving Yodle any access to your customer and service data.
  3. For future reference, email them an explanation of what work is needed and request authorization. All they need to do is reply back giving you authorization to do the work. If they call in, be sure to instruct them to reply back via email. Don't proceed without that reply. The reply email will stand in court as strongly as an actual customer signed authorization. At least in Tennessee it does.

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