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  1. Looking for driveshaft equipment, but brake lathes and other random shop tools too. Kevin
  2. Anyone know of any used auto equipment dealers? Hopefully in california area? I know there are used equipment dealers that specialize in machine tools, but haven't seen any for auto tools. Kevo
  3. Just signed up to take 3 more ASE tests and I'm looking for suggestions on prep materials? Usually I just sail through the tests without studying, but these last 3 are my least familiar subjects. I know there is a lot out there and I'm hoping to hear whats work for you or your techs. Kevo
  4. Thanks Joe! Luckily it looks like I'll be able to take the shop management class at the local CC this spring. I would also like to look into some other business management classes either at the school or elsewhere. Not really sure where to look for automotive oriented business coaching or seminars? Kevo
  5. Thats awesome you broke even the first month! Hopefully the following months were even better! That is an amazing transformation on that repair facility! I'll ask you also, did you have issues hiring techs? Kevo
  6. I posted up a bit about me in the new members section. Sorry its a bit rambling. Kevo
  7. Well I guess its time I introduce myself. My name is Kevin Burk and I'm slowly considering opening up a shop. Some background info: Originally I was trying to go to school for a mechanical engineering degree. I wound up getting a part time job at an auto shop cleaning the shop and shuttling customers around. I very quickly started working on cars and within a year had my own bay and lift there. While the engineering idea was failing, I was supporting myself as a mechanic. After 8yrs there, I thought there had to be better ways to make money, and I really wanted to get into manufactur
  8. I guess I should maybe post up a few more thoughts on what I'm thinking business wise. Looking at shops in the area, no one caters to trucks. I happen to like trucks and think a shop that caters to them would do well. We have a lot of trucks in this area, a lot of ranches too. We have big trucks, small trucks, work trucks, play trucks, fleet trucks and a ton of suvs, and I obviously wouldn't shy away from working on cars either. I'm also thinking that carrying some accessories and selling them couldn't hurt either. Maybe carrying some commonly used stuff like tie down straps and towin
  9. Its been awhile since I've been able to respond, but did you have issue when you were initially hiring people? I guess with a franchise it would be a bit easier, but I think it would be hard to quit a known paying job to work at a startup with no history if I was in the employees shoes. Kevo
  10. Ok, so I've asked questions before about operating as a one man shop. My train of thought has been changing lately as I realize that managing a business really has very little to do with whatever that business does and more with marketing, sales and human resources. Basicly, if your going to hire a tech, you'll have to write service for that tech. Might as well hire more techs then and an actual service writer to do the day to day work. Then I could concentrate on managing and marketing the business as well as some specialized work in the shop. So, on the other end of the spectrum, I'd
  11. Gonzo- I did not know you were a one man shop. Your reasons for staying small are a lot of the reasons I want to stay small too,....basicly being able to control the stress end of things better. Having time to think about things though I realize how difficult that is to stay a one man shop, and there are benefits to having people work for you. It might be better in the long run to have 2 techs and a service writer that handle the auto repairs, then I can be in the background doing more specialized tasks. Either that or try to specialize right at the start. Kevo
  12. Its true this industry does not attract enough young talented people, but its also true that some of those it does attract, wind up opening there own businesses. I've seen this a lot not only in the auto industry, but also in the machine shop and fabrication industries. Keep in mind median income here is roughly $40k, and home prices are $300k-$400k. In our area, if your a good, experienced machinist you can get a job making the median income, or open your own shop, take on all the risks and hopefully reap the rewards. Auto techs with smog licenses can make a bit more than median, but if
  13. I do plan to try to specialize somewhat, but at first to keep the doors open I figured it would be good to remain flexible and do a much as possible. My main interest is offroad 4x4 fabrication and suspension design. Unfortunately, its a niche market thats hard to find people willing to spend the big $$$ to have something that works well. I currently do some fabrication out of my home shop, but its not a legitimate business and I have no insurance for it either. Its sketchy to say the least! I need a real shop and business license! I figure by being flexible and doing general repai
  14. So those of you that ran as a one man shop for a while, what kind of hours did you work versus the amount of labor you actually billed out? I was thinking in an 8-9hr day I'd probably only be able to bill out 6hrs if lucky. Kevo

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