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  1. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year's Eve. Lets hope 2014 is full with lots of work and better things. :)) Happy New Year. 2014 I am ready for what you going to bring me!!!

    1. Joe Marconi

      Joe Marconi

      Great attitude! Always remain positive.


  2. After about 2 weeks of not having any work. Today, I am glad that there is some traffic coming thru the shop. What about you guys?

    1. Gonzo


      Steady, but not overwhelmed. It's a good thing to end the year in the black. :)


    2. mspecperformance


      Slightly slower than before Christmas but still not a ghost town, we have something to do every day. Did you really not have any more for 2 weeks????

    3. Exclusive Auto Care

      Exclusive Auto Care

      I had about 3-5 each week. We usually get about 5-10 cars a day.


  3. Thank you all for all the input. Im glad that you guys have a similar system to what I am trying to do. I will come up with something and let you guys know.
  4. I would like to come up with a chart that will help me know how much to charge for diagnostics. This is what I have so far. Any input will be appreciated. Level 1 Fluid Check Air/ Check tires On level 1 I would like things that can be diagnosed visually. I can come up with a reasonable price to charge the Scan Codes customer. I also thought about just charging 0.5 hours but it seems that is not working out too good, plus i dont think is fair to charge $40.00 for fluid check or just to check tires.
  5. Hello to all. I was MIA for a while Im glad to be back. I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

  6. At what time does the chat start today?

    1. Gonzo


      7 Central time


    2. Exclusive Auto Care

      Exclusive Auto Care

      Thank you Gonzo. I missed it. I'll be prepared next Sunday.


  7. What do you suggest Phynny? They are very hard working individuals and they also have a family I want to be able to pay them fair.
  8. What do you mean by "When I sell a job I sell value and benefits and sell the entire job. I don’t focus on parts or on labor, but sell the entire job as one" How do you sell the entire job as one? Could you specify a little more.
  9. Yes. I used Labor guide for the invoices and keep a copy for our records. I keep that copy with the customer Information form plus any parts that were order with the same ticket.
  10. Very interesting responses from all of you. This is what we do at our shop please correct me if I am not doing it the correct way. We use Real Time Labor Guide. I dont know how good of a system this is but it works for us now. My husband is alone in the morning while my workers go to school. They dont get to the shop till 2:00pm. Their rate is $16.50 an hour and we pay according to labor guide, for instance if a job takes 3 hours they will get pay for the 3 hours at their rate. If they take 4 hours they will still get pay for only 3. We always have work, so they are always bus
  11. I dont have a price matrix in effect. How can I figure the price matrix for my shop?
  12. Grifftans Im looking for the thread but cant seem to find it. Could you direct me to it or post the link? Thank you Zulma
  13. I have a Customer Information form that my customers fill out before we can work in their vehicle. The form includes simple questions such as name, address and phone numbers, with a detail brief description about our policies. A signature is required for us to work on their cars. My problem starts when the vehicle enters the shop. I (receptionist) fill out the vehicle information such as, year, make, model, mileage, vin and license plates. My husband diagnoses the vehicle and gives the job to a mechanic. Everything is done verbally. I would like to generate a form of some sort where they

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