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Diving head first (yep bold head to boot)

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new here & very appreciative for having this type or recourse. Wish I had it 10 or so years ago.


I am considering to purchase a new (to me) auto shop. Just in beginning stages right now and looking for advice.

I owned a very similar shop in the same area and it did not go well, let's say I considered myself lucky when I sold it. This shop seem to be in a better shape, longer established in the same location and better online presence. It has only 3 employees, a manager/front desk and 2 mechanics. Working on all types of cars, so that is familiar to me as well.

My concerns:

  1. With only 3 employees, any one leaves and I am in deep trouble, at least as far as I concern.
  2. I hate changing things right off the bat, but may have to in order to bring more business in and possibly hiring another mechanic.
  3. Hiring a mechanic poses all kinds of problem all on its own ( I did review recent posts regarding that issue)
  4. Shop is not on a busy street, but there is traffic. My old shop was right on the major street and that did not save it…. So I guess it could be a good thing.

Any recommendations/suggestions greatly appreciated!


I should probably mention, I used to be a mechanic what seems to be a last century, oh wait... it was the last century :rolleyes:

But I neither am planning nor physically can, work on cars any longer :( - love the challange though.

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