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Joe Marconi

2000 Infinity I30; Cooling Fan Problem

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We had an Infinity I30 come in last week with cooling fans that would not shut off after they turned on at approximately 204 degrees, coolant temperature. There were no codes stored. This model uses 2 cooling fans with three-stage fan speeds. The car never overheated, but once the fans turned on, they stayed on until the car was shut off and the engine cooled down.


We verified the coolant temp of the engine with a scanner; both readings (at the sensor and scanner) were within 5 degrees of each other.

We followed the diagnostic flow chart and all looked normal. When we felt the bottom radiator hose, it was not as hot as we thought it should have been. We replaced the thermostat and solved the problem. We got side-tracked a little thinking too deep into this and actually thought we could have a programming issue.


It’s the same old rule…check the basics first.

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