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How EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Changed My Business [THA 325]

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AJ Nealey, Jennifer Hulbert, and Carl Hutchinson discuss their experiences with implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in their businesses. They highlight the benefits of EOS, such as increased accountability, better communication, and improved productivity.

AJ Nealey, Nealey Auto Service, Edgewater, MD. AJ’s previous episodes HERE

Jennifer Hulbert, Service Plus Automotive, Calcium, NY. Facilitator for the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence. Carl Hutchinson, Complete Automotive, Springfield, MO. Listen to Carl’s previous episodes HERE

Show Notes:

  • Watch Video Episode HERE
  • (00:00:33 - 00:04:54) Experiences with implementing EOS in business and the benefits it has brought
  • (00:02:27 - 00:03:15) Creating a classroom page on the website with modules that can be used for team training in the EOS Classroom Modules
  • (00:04:55 - 00:05:16) The challenges of implementing EOS, including the need to change the whole mindset of how businesses are run
  • (00:05:48) The key components of EOS, including vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction in the key components of EOS
  • (00:07:18) The importance of the people component of EOS, including core values, expected behaviors, and the people analyzer tool
  • (00:10:02) The benefits of networking with other industries at the EOS conference and how it helps to sharpen their tools in the toolbox
  • (00:13:43) How EOS can be implemented on a smaller scale without the need for an implementer
  • (00:15:35) Experiences with implementing EOS in businesses and how it has led to significant growth
  • (00:18:09) The importance of identifying and addressing the five dysfunctions of a team, including trust, fear of conflict, commitment, and accountability
  • (00:24:10) The speakers discuss the relationship between the visionary and integrator roles in a business, as outlined in the book "Rocket Fuel"
  • (00:25:36) The importance of encouraging the free flow of information and ideas within a company, and how to address issues and frustrations
  • (00:27:20) The use of software, such as Traction Tools and EOS One
  • (00:28:51) The different types of meetings, including leadership and departmental meetings
  • (00:29:57) The L10 meetings
  • (00:32:10) The importance of transparency and avoiding silos in businesses
  • (00:33:43) The importance of empowering employees to make decisions and share knowledge within the organization
  • (00:34:32) The importance of creating a safe environment for employees to share their frustrations and ideas
  • (00:35:18) The concept of "rocks" or goals in EOS, and how they are used to set targets for the company and individual positions
  • (00:39:20) The importance of quarterly conversations with employees
  • All books mentioned on our podcasts: https://remarkableresults.biz/books
  • EOS Podcast Collection

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  • Have you checked out Joe's Latest Blog?

         1 comment
      I am going to borrow a quote from billionaire, Warren Buffet, “The best investment you can make is in yourself,” This statement, while simplistic, speaks volumes. A shop owner is much more than a boss, a shop owner is a leader. And leaders are solely responsible for the success of their team. This means that you must work hard and commit to a life of continuous learning and improvement. It also means that if the team fails, a leader must always blame himself or herself for that failure and find ways to improve.
      For your business to flourish, you must invest your time and energy in understanding what your role is in your company. It also means that you must be committed to continually improving your level of competence. This does not mean that every task is your responsibility. However, it does mean that the buck stops with you. If your business is not where it needs to be, or you are looking for increased growth, then it is your obligation to do the hard work and set goals, have the vision, perform the research, and develop the plan to achieve your overall objectives.
      When you invest in yourself to become the best leader and the best businessperson you can be, others around you will feed off your energy and your passion. This sends a strong message to everyone on your team that you have what it takes to bring the company to the next level.
      One last thing, another obligation to your company is assembling the right team of people around you. Once you have the right people, you need to invest in them too. Find what truly motivates them, not what you believe inspires them. Be a coach to your employees and always strive to bring out the best in them. Be strong with your convictions and expectations, build strong relationships with your employees, and don’t be afraid of admitting when you drop the ball.
      While Warren Buffet is best known for making billions of dollars with his investment strategies, I want to believe that this quote has its basis in something that money cannot buy.
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      Thanks to our Partner, Technician Find If you are tired of struggling to find skilled automotive technicians for your independent auto repair shop, say goodbye to the endless search and let Technician Find be your solution. We are a 'Single Stop To Staff Your Shop.' http://www.technicianfind.com Connect with the Podcast:
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      In this podcast episode, Coach Chris Cotton discusses the survey he created to understand why technicians are leaving the automotive industry, and sharing insights from the responses received so far. The top reasons include pay, benefits, work-life balance, and poor management. Coach Chris emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues to retain employees. He also highlights the need to attract more technicians to the independent sector and concludes by emphasizing the role of good owners or leaders in employee retention.
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Thank you to our friends at RepairPal for providing this episode. RepairPal’s Certified Network of shops are trusted by millions of customers each month. Learn more at RepairPal.com/shops.
      Are you struggling to align your team and drive marketing success in your business? In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, Brian, Kim, and Tim Stoll, an EOS Implementer, discuss how EOS can help businesses achieve their marketing goals. A valuable lesson from this podcast is the importance of using EOS to increase accountability and collaboration within the team, which ultimately leads to more successful marketing strategies and business growth. They highlight the key elements of a successful marketing strategy, including defining the target market, identifying unique selling points, establishing a proven process, and offering a guarantee. They also stress the importance of measuring progress through the scorecard and using the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO) to create a strategic plan for the business. If you're looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, this podcast is a must-listen!
      EOS and Marketing (00:00:10) The speakers discuss how EOS can improve marketing and how it is an important component for any organization. Tim Stoll's Background and Becoming an EOS Implementer (00:02:06) Tim Stoll talks about his background in the chemical industry and how he became an EOS implementer. Quarterly Conversations and Accountability (00:04:44) Brian talks about how EOS and Profit First have been the difference maker in their business and how quarterly conversations have helped them solve issues before they become big problems. Improved team alignment and accountability (00:07:18) Brian and Kim discuss how implementing EOS has allowed them to focus on their strengths and delegate tasks to their team members, resulting in improved team alignment and accountability. Defining target market (00:09:29) The speakers discuss the importance of defining a target market in marketing and how EOS helps businesses to identify their ideal customers. Three uniques (00:13:52) The concept of three uniques is introduced as a term used in EOS. The speakers do not elaborate on this concept in this segment. Defining Your Uniques (00:13:56) The speakers discuss the importance of defining what makes a business unique and how it differentiates them from competitors. The Proven Process (00:16:34) The proven process is a one-page graphic that shows the relationship between a business and its clients. It helps to build loyalty and can be used in various marketing channels. The Guarantee (00:18:52) The guarantee is a way to take objections off the table and make it easier for customers to do business with a company. In the world of auto repair, it is usually an extended warranty or a nationwide warranty program. Accountability Chart (00:21:18) The accountability chart is a tool that defines who is responsible for what in an organization, beyond titles and positions. The marketing function is a key part of the chart, and its accountabilities depend on the company and industry. Meeting Pulse and Scorecard (00:25:26) The EOS system includes a meeting pulse that reduces the number of meetings while increasing productivity. The scorecard measures activity, not just results, and provides automatic accountability for achieving goals. The scorecard includes measures such as the number of pieces of content produced, the growth of a private Facebook group, and the number of leads coming in. Weekly Scorecards (00:29:05) The speakers discuss the benefits of using weekly scorecards to track marketing numbers and trends, and how it helps make data-based decisions. Rocks (00:31:48) The speakers explain what rocks are in EOS, which are 90-day goals that help businesses focus on important things to accomplish both at the company and personal level. Access to Implementer (00:34:41) The speakers emphasize the importance of having access to an EOS implementer in between sessions, and how they can help with questions and provide tools to use. Implementing EOS (00:35:56) The speakers discuss the benefits of hiring an EOS implementer for businesses and how it can improve team alignment and accountability. The Vision Traction Organizer (00:37:55) The Vision Traction Organizer is a two-page strategic plan that is revisited every quarter to ensure it is still relevant. The eight questions that are answered on the organizer are discussed. Ten-Year Target (00:41:41) The speakers discuss the difficulty of coming up with a ten-year target and the importance of having a big, inspiring goal that can be communicated to employees. They share their own ten-year target of being known as the best auto repair marketing company in America. Creating a Three-Year Picture (00:43:46) The speakers discuss the importance of creating a three-year picture for a business, including revenue and profit targets, and how it helps with team alignment and achieving goals. Defining Quarterly Rocks (00:48:07) The speakers explain the concept of "rocks" in EOS, which are 90-day goals that help businesses achieve their yearly and three-year targets. They discuss how rocks can be used in marketing, such as building a podcast studio or creating videos, and how they help with accountability and getting things done. Benefits of EOS for Marketing (00:49:58) The speakers discuss how EOS can benefit marketing efforts, including setting marketing goals and budgets, and how it helps with team alignment and accountability. They also mention how EOS can be implemented in the automotive industry and how to find an EOS implementer. Finding the right EOS Implementer (00:50:56) The importance of finding an EOS Implementer that fits well with the business owner and their team. First step to implementing EOS (00:51:56) Advice on the first step for an automotive repair shop owner interested in implementing EOS: call an EOS Implementer for a conversation and a 90-minute meeting. Passion for EOS (00:53:40) The hosts express their passion for EOS and how it has helped their business.  
      How To Get In Touch with Tim
      LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/timstoll3/ Email - [email protected] Website - https://www.eosworldwide.com/tim-stoll  
      How To Get In Touch with Shop Marketing Pros
      Group - Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind Website - shopmarketingpros.com  Facebook - facebook.com/shopmarketingpros  Thanks to our partner, RepairPal. Visit the Web HERE  
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    • Fast Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50
    • By carmcapriotto
      Have you ever wondered how different businesses face similar challenges? Join Barry Barrett, a certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) implementer and business consultant, and Jeremy Bates, the president of Bates Security. They discuss the importance of culture, family, and implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in their businesses. The key takeaway? Building a strong culture and surrounding yourself with quality people can lead to long-term success and employee retention. Jeremy Bates, President, Bates Security.
      Barry Barrett, a Certified EOS Implementer. As an EOS Implementor in his company, Business With Purpose, brings dedicated support to Leadership and Sales teams in all types of organizations, helping them structure the six key components of their business to make it operate with the best processes for their specific industry, using the EOS Model. Listen to Barry’s other episodes HERE.
      Show Notes
      Watch Full Video Episode Barry Barrett Contact Info EOS: Entrepreneurial Operating System Podcast Series with Barry Barrett Similar Challenges Faced by Different Businesses (00:02:10) Discussion on how different businesses, including automotive repair and security, share similar challenges. Success of a Family-Owned Business (00:08:15) The importance of hard work and earning trust in creating a successful family-owned and operated business. Implementing the Book "Traction" (00:10:05) The decision to hire a professional to successfully implement the concepts from the book "Traction" in their business. Working Together and Push-Pull Dynamics (00:12:56) The dynamic between Jeremy and Barry, their similarities, and how they push and pull each other to achieve success. The Impact of Implementing EOS (00:18:06) Discussion about how implementing EOS has helped the business grow and gain clarity. Being Both the Integrator and the Visionary (00:19:00) Exploring the possibility of being both the integrator and the visionary in a business. The Importance of EOS in Making Key Moves (00:20:07) Highlighting how EOS has helped the business make important decisions and moves more quickly. Building a Great Company and Enabling Personal Success (00:26:45) Discussion about the importance of building a great company while enabling personal success, with examples of success stories from team members. Training Technicians and Core Values (00:27:46) Exploration of how the security business trains technicians and the importance of having core values in place to prevent prima donnas. Challenges in the Security Industry (00:33:37) Comparison of the challenges faced in the security industry, including dealing with DIY systems and the complexity of installing large-scale security systems. Importance of Security and Reliability in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry and the Security Business (00:35:30) Discussion on the importance of security and reliability in the automotive aftermarket industry and the security business. The Significance of Security Systems for Residential and Business Properties (00:36:29) Discussion on the significance of security systems for residential and business properties, including fire systems and video monitoring. The Benefits of Implementing EOS in Businesses (00:37:40) Exploration of the benefits of implementing an operating system like EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in businesses, and the value of hiring an implementer. The Value of Quarterly Meetings and Implementers (00:43:19) Discussion about the importance of quarterly meetings and the role of implementers in business growth. Stagnation vs. Acceleration in Business Growth (00:44:12) Exploring the need for an implementer in a business that wants to accelerate growth, and the possibility of needing a new implementer if growth is stagnant. Thanks to our Partners, AAPEX and NAPA TRACS.
      Set your sights on Las Vegas in 2023. Mark your calendar now … October 31 - Nov 2, 2023, AAPEX - Now more than ever. And don’t miss the next free AAPEX webinar. Register now at AAPEXSHOW.COM
      NAPA TRACS will move your shop into the SMS fast lane with onsite training and six days a week of support and local representation. Find NAPA TRACS on the Web at NAPATRACS.com
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