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My Auto Repair Business is Losing Money

You bravely took the first step and started an auto repair business.  Entrepreneurship is rewarding but also scary.  Just as many things can go wrong as can go right.  The biggest “wrong” is losing money.

The first question anyone asks is, “How can my auto repair business be losing money?  It was doing so well.”  Losing money is not a matter of just one thing.  Usually it is a combination of things that somehow got overlooked.

Unfortunately for us, those things don’t show up at the beginning, or even in a form that is easily pinpointed.  It will take a directed effort to find out what is causing our business to operate in the red.  As soon as the money drain is noticed, finding it is a top priority.

Luck can play a part in our auto repair business.  Some think that this is a good thing, but luck will only get you so far.  When luck runs out, the business will suffer.

Insufficient marketing analysis will put the kibosh on your business profits.  Marketing research determines if you have a viable product or service that the consumer wants.  It is not easy to tap into a new market.  Even if you happen to luck up on something, analysis of the market will show if this will be a long or short ride.

Lack of a strong advertising campaign will eat into your profits.  With so many businesses out there, finding a new spin to sell a product is not easy.  Starting with one medium is okay, especially when money is tight.  But, as the business takes off, the only way it will survive is with a more diverse plan.  Limiting advertising is a bloodletting.  Slowly, your business is being drained of life.

Maybe you only have experience in one type of advertising.  Make it a point to learn others.  Connect with other business owners and learn their secrets to advertising success.  Customers are always looking for the latest thing to catch their eye.  If your business is not meeting that need, customers will flee for other venues.

What are your goals for your business?  When you hit a wall - and you might, new directions are in order.  Goals that are not clear result in a loss of business revenue.  Your money will disappear into that great abyss unless you branch out and use your current service as a stepping stone.

The business may start off as a service-based enterprise that meets the need for now, but where will the business go after that?  People always want more.  A business that can draw them in and keep giving them more options will stay afloat and become successful.

A business is more than one idea and one hook.  Filtering all your ideas and creativity into it over time equates to a business that makes money now and in the future.  If not, the business will lose money hand over fist.

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  • Have you checked out Joe's Latest Blog?

      My son is not in the automotive industry. He is in the commercial real estate business. However, the workplace problems are the same. Recently, his frustration with the heads of the company reached an all-time high. When I asked him why he doesn’t speak up and let the leadership know how he is feeling, he responded, “Anyone who has voiced concerns or issues has been viewed as weak and incapable of doing their job. I don’t want to be viewed like that.” This is an example of a toxic work environment.
      If you are a shop owner, you are a leader. And leaders must be approachable. That means that you are willing to hear the concerns of others and have them express themselves. It also means that while you may not agree with someone’s perspective on an issue, it is their perspective, and that viewpoint needs to be recognized and respected.
      Make it known that you want to hear the opinions of others. Literally, ask for input from others. And thank those that speak up. Now, I am not saying that you need to act on every concern or opinion. That would not be realistic. But just listening may be enough. And you never know, someone in your company may have an idea that you never thought about and even improve your business.
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